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  1. Warrior78

    2020 Huber Heights Wayne Warriors

    Thoughts on the 2020 season? What does Mukes do to turn this around? Who are the key returning players? I am hoping we haven't lost any players due to the catastrophe we experienced this past fall.
  2. Warrior78

    All-time best and worst plays

    My best...Nick Childers' one-hand grab on the sidelines at Paul Brown Stadium against Centerville in 2005. It was 4th and 12 and Wayne was trailing big in the game. Wayne eventually won the game, 29-28 after trailing 28-10 with 7:12 to go in the game. My worst...The onside kick by St. Edward...
  3. Warrior78

    Nice article on Robert Landers

    Here's a nice article on Huber Heights Wayne's Robert Landers with some nice plugs for the "famed" Huber Heights Wayne program as well. :D
  4. Warrior78

    Wayne Division I Stare Champions

    Congrats to the Wayne Warriors for winning the 2016 Boys Division I State Championship!! Way to go Warriors!!!!
  5. Warrior78

    Yappi's Weekly Challenge

    Here are the unofficial standings through week 8. 72 ChiefPriest 72 spar4 72 wildbill044 70 ahs/ntfan 69 Egad 69 PicktownBandDad 67 adselder09 67 boatman42 67 brian1227 67 longtime1sttime 67 peteelko 67 shortcut 67 Spencer 67 The Butler 66 cardinalsin 66 Hurri-Comet 66 knightgeek27 66 south yo...