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  1. bedevil

    Tessitore, McFarland Out of MNF Booth

    Praise the Lord, ESPN finally did something right: As ESPN continued to look for new additions to the Monday Night Football crew, it became increasingly obvious that the current members of the booth would not be returning. It’s now official. Richard Deitsch of reports that Joe...
  2. bedevil

    Art Modell Denied Entry Into Pro Football Hall of Fame

    Is this the last time he should ever be considered?
  3. bedevil

    Five Questions You'd Ask...

    ...if you were on the search team for a new Browns head coach.
  4. bedevil

    2020 Cleveland Browns

    Might as well get it started. Who is the next head coach? Will Dorsey survive? Will there be Revenge of the Nerds in the front office with the Haslams apparently embracing DePodesta again as a leading voice? Will the Haslams give us all a break and sell the team? Will Baker Mayfield return to...
  5. bedevil

    The Official 2020 Cleveland Indians Thread

    Since they won't be playing in October for the first time in four years, might as well start the thread for next season. There will be plenty of questions, not the least of which are the futures of Corey Kluber and Francisco Lindor in Cleveland uniforms. Do they dump Kluber's salary and get...
  6. bedevil

    THIS was Newsworthy? Trump makes an off-handed remark, totally off the cuff and I'm certain in jest, and it's picked up by Politico and given a misleading headline. The media continues to make a mockery of basic...
  7. bedevil

    Mueller to Testify Before Congress

    Much ado about nothing. Robert Mueller's testimony today will be anti-climatic and serve to do nothing more than allow members of Congress on both sides of the aisle to preen and pose before the national media. Mueller doesn't want to be used as a political pawn, and I think he is reticent to...
  8. bedevil

    Is the Portage Trail League Metro Division Disbanding?

    Apparently, the superintendents of the districts are voting to disband. Nothing substantiated, but a couple of the schools are rumored to be disenchanted and want to either move to another league or start one of their own with new teams.
  9. bedevil

    The Official 2019 Cleveland Indians Thread

    Unlike the last few years, there are more questions than answers about the Indians heading into 2019. Brantley is likely gone, which will hurt. Allen and Miller are probably out the door, as well, though that doesn't bother me as much. Alonso was a disappointment, Kipnis' contract is like a yoke...
  10. bedevil

    The Official 2018 Cleveland Indians Thread

    Now that a little distance has been achieved since the disappointing ending of an otherwise great season, here's this year's Tribe thread.
  11. bedevil

    The Five Christmas Songs You Hate the Most

    What Christmas themed songs test your gag reflex? You might disagree, but here are mine, in no particular order: "It's the Holiday Season" - Andy Williams: 60's "hip" that doesn't hold up. "You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch" - Jordan Smith: Set to a jazz beat, honest to God, and the ending is...
  12. bedevil

    The Official 2017 Cleveland Indians Thread

    No time like the present to begin talking about how the Indians can repeat as American League Champions and win the whole thing next year. Let's start with this: if you had a wish list of what you would to see the front office do to bolster the Indians' chances of winning it all, what would be...
  13. bedevil

    Dear Mark May...

    It's not Urban Meyer's fault. It wasn't Jim Tressel's fault. In fact, it's no one's fault that is currently involved with the Ohio State football program that the Buckeyes, from 1993 to 1996, absolutely curb-stomped your alma mater, Pittsburgh, by a combined score of 216 - 45. including a 72-0...
  14. bedevil

    How Much Stock Do You Place in Newspaper Endorsements?

    I remember when people would bring copies of their newspapers into the voting booth and simply follow the recommendations the paper made in local, statewide and national races. Things have changed, at least in my view. A newspaper's endorsements are about as predictable as the sun rising based...
  15. bedevil

    Donald Trump Reorganizes Campaign Management

    Donald Trump shifted the leadership of his campaign by hiring Breitbart Executive Director Stephen Bannon and Citizens United pollster Kellyanne Conway. Paul Manafort's role has been reduced. Do you consider this a positive, necessary change or a knee-jerk reaction to a couple of poor weeks in...
  16. bedevil

    How Do You Feel About the New Rules Disallowing Hack-a-Shaq?

    Well, the NBA has done it. It has taken away a team's ability to put an opponent's worst free throw shooter at the line in the final two minutes of each quarter via an intentional foul. Personally, I...
  17. bedevil

    Who Would Be Your New Coach? - Scott Pollock named new head football coach!

    I know that Don Seeker would just LOVE our input concerning the next head football coach. :) It has been curiously quiet on that front, and that's probably good. But, just for fun, who would you like to see take over the Joe Vassalotti? I'll start. I think it's a pipe dream, but I feel...
  18. bedevil

    Prayers Sought for Hurri-Comet

    He is undergoing another serious surgery today. It will likely result in an extended stay in ICU and post-operative recovery. If you have a moment, please remember him in your thoughts and prayers.
  19. bedevil

    We Lose Bobbi Hindel

    Bobbi Hindel has passed away. For years, she was the secretary for the Tallmadge High School Athletic Department. I had the good fortune to get to know her. Bobbi had challenges in her life, yet never did I see them overcome her. She was unfailingly cheerful and extremely organized. I remember...
  20. bedevil

    Banner and Lombardi Out

    Thoughts as Jimmy Haslam cans Banner and Lombardi.