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  1. WJfan4life

    Week 4 - West Liberty- Salem @ West Jefferson

    Hope for a cool dry night for football, good luck to our Riders
  2. WJfan4life

    West Jefferson @ Northeastern

    Good luck to our Riders
  3. WJfan4life

    Week 2- Mechanicsburg @ West Jefferson

    well lets get this one started, this should be a great game, good luck to our Riders...
  4. WJfan4life

    Madison Plains @ West Jefferson

    Well let's get this 6 game schedule started, good luck to our Riders
  5. WJfan4life

    West Jefferson Roughriders (2020)

  6. WJfan4life

    (Week 12) #2 West Jefferson VS #3 Shawnee @ London

    Good luck Riders, keep it going
  7. WJfan4life

    Week 11 Cincinnati Summit Country Day @ West Jefferson

    Good luck to the Riders in the playoffs
  8. WJfan4life

    Week 10 Fairbanks @ West Jefferson

    Good luck to our Riders
  9. WJfan4life

    Triad @ West Jefferson

    Time to get back on track, Go luck Riders
  10. WJfan4life

    West Jefferson (7-0) @ West Liberty-Selem (6-1)

    well lets get this one started, BE NICE and GO RIDERS !!!!!
  11. WJfan4life

    Northeastern @ West Jefferson

    Good luck Riders keep it going
  12. WJfan4life

    West Jefferson (5-0) @ Mechanicsburg (5-0)

    This should be a great game, good luck Riders
  13. WJfan4life

    West Jefferson @ Madison Plains

    Let's get it done Riders
  14. WJfan4life

    Southeastern @ West Jefferson

    it will be good to get back to Kile Field, Good luck Riders !!!!
  15. WJfan4life

    West Jefferson @ Greeneview

    good luck to our Riders !!!!!
  16. WJfan4life

    ( Week 1 ) Lockland @ West Jefferson

    Good luck Riders, should be a great year, around 60 players this year, good size on the line.
  17. WJfan4life

    West Jefferson Roughriders (2019)

    Week 1, Lockland- Home Week 2, Ready- Away Week 3, Greenview- Away Week 4, Southeastern- Home Week 5, Madison Plains- Away Week 6, Mechanicburg- Away Week 7, Northeastern- Home Week 8, West Liberty-Salem- Away Week 9, Triad- Home Week 10, Fairbanks- Home
  18. WJfan4life

    Cedarville @ West Jefferson

    hope to have some great weather Friday night, Go Riders !!!!
  19. WJfan4life

    West Jefferson @ Greenon

    hope the rain holds off till the game is over, Go Riders !!!!
  20. WJfan4life

    Week 2 Ready @ West Jefferson

    good luck to our Riders, to our friends at Ready have a safe trip to Kile Field