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  1. ronnie mund

    Ron Jans

    Thoughts? Overreaction or justified? Do we need more details? Ron Jans resigns as FC Cincinnati coach after being accused of using racial slur
  2. ronnie mund

    GOP rep to introduce bill allowing NCAA athletes to profit from their likeness Thoughts? Personally I think this is the best outcome possible for this situation. Paying players is an impossible task, but there's no reason guys like Tua, Haskins, and...
  3. ronnie mund

    Coaching Carousel

    With the regular season coming to an end, and with the rumors of Brohm heading to Louisville, I figured now's a good time to get it started. What coaches won't survive the offseason? Fedora is an obvious pick. Clay Helton's seat seems to be very hot. Malzahn's buyout is insane, so that seems...
  4. ronnie mund

    Xfl 2.0

    Anyone think this has any chance at succeeding? -No gimmicks this time -Vince wants shorter games, ~2 hours long -Less commercials -No political nonsense -No players with criminal backgrounds -Players paid...
  5. ronnie mund

    Should driving tests be mandatory once you reach a certain age?

    Should annual driving tests be a requirement once someone hits a certain age? If so, at what age should it become a requirement? Should it be annual, bi-annual?
  6. ronnie mund

    Lane Kiffin can't contain his excitement for FAU football

    BB6VzJ1qYo4 :laugh:
  7. ronnie mund

    Best analysis of Trump's win that I have heard so far

    A good listen if you have an hour to spare. Talks generally about what happened and then focuses on things Trump could do right and what Trump could do wrong. Dan Carlin is always pretty damn objective. L4ZYf5uudxE
  8. ronnie mund

    Who won the debate?

  9. ronnie mund

    All songs with female names in the title

    Anyone wanna' take a stab at this?
  10. ronnie mund

    RIP James Cramerica

    Though some of us were closer to Mr. Cramerica than others, I think it's safe to safe posters from all walks of life enjoyed his quips. We will never forget.
  11. ronnie mund

    Stranger Things(Netflix)

    Anyone else watch this show yet? Started last night and already plowed through all 8 episodes. Absolutely fantastic, the 80's theme was brilliant. Since this is a Netflix show and not a weekly show, those not wanting spoilers should avoid the thread. XWxyRG_tckY
  12. ronnie mund

    The Night Of(HBO)

    Anyone else check this show out yet? Pretty solid first episode, will be watching from here on out. Interested in seeing where it goes. Kid looks screwed.
  13. ronnie mund

    Thanks for this laugh Cleveland

    aUtVBcAcSfE Please post a comment sharing your favorite individuals in this video. So many to choose from.
  14. ronnie mund

    NCAA Tournament Thread

    They finally changed that awful black and blue color scheme on the courts. UNCW hanging with Duke.
  15. ronnie mund

    Search Hillary Clinton's E-mail

  16. ronnie mund

    What's going on in the world

    Figured the DB could use a running thread for topics and things going on that aren't cut out for their own threads. I guess women only want equality when it's convenient. Physical fitness testing suspended for all Colorado Springs police officers
  17. ronnie mund

    Congratulations Coach Finke!

    Helped to hold La Salle, a team averaging 38 points/game, to only 7 points! If he had any doubters before tonight they're looking like fools right now.
  18. ronnie mund

    Good cop video

    A lot of bad cop videos out there, just wanted to post a good one. Respect shown from both sides during this interaction.
  19. ronnie mund

    How do you like your steak cooked?

    I personally prefer rare. Anyone get their steak cooked blue? What kind of a jump are we talking from rare to blue?