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  1. Irish60

    STVM Malaki Branham commits to Ohio State

    Malaki Branham of STVM commits to Ohio State joining two other Top-100 recruits (all 3 from Ohio), Meechie Johnson and Kalen Etzler. Congratulations to Malaki and good luck to him and the other OSU recruits in the future...
  2. Irish60

    AP All-Ohio teams from 1938 to date

    I was looking up some information for another thread and I ran across this list and thought it might be a good point of reference for anyone interested in looking back through some Ohio high school basketball archives. Hope you enjoy!
  3. Irish60

    Top 5 all-time basketball programs in Ohio.

    In looking through some of these "Top 5" threads, it got me to wondering which programs rank Top 5 all-time in Ohio. I'll start off with this opening salvo (in no particular order other than alphabetical): 1. Akron Central-Hower 2. Canton-McKinley 3. Middletown 4. Portsmouth 5. ? There are a...
  4. Irish60

    Ohio's version of "Hoosiers"

    I watched Hoosiers again recently. We all know the story. The team from tiny Milan, IN defeats the big city powerhouse in an upset for the ages. This got me to thinking which Ohio team would best match the Milan HS story? If they filmed a sequel using an Ohio team, which championship season...
  5. Irish60

    Top HS Player to enter G League rather than attend college

    Darius Bazely seemed to start this trend. But he did it as much out of necessity than choice. It'll be interesting to see how many of the top prospects follow this pathway. Do you see any Ohio players following this lead...
  6. Irish60

    STVM 1/25 & 1/26

    The Irish face a couple of solid tests this weekend facing Benedictine at home today, and travelling up to Brush to play the Arcs tomorrow. While the road last week was IMO a sterner test against Elder and Trotwood, it's always interesting to see how a team handles back-to-back games. A good...
  7. Irish60

    NBA lowering draft age to 18 years of age

    What impact will the announcement that the NBA will lower the draft age from 19 to 18 have on the landscape of high school basketball? Will more elite players (or, more significantly, players whose parents insist they are elite!) take the prep school route so they can more easily be seen by the...
  8. Irish60

    STVM v. St. Edward (Fri., 2/15); v. Brush (Sun., 2/17)

    The Irish look forward to an exciting and challenging weekend against a couple of the top D1 programs in NEO this year as St. Ed's and Brush both travel to Akron to take on STVM. St. Ed's size always seems to give the Irish fits. They are always very well coached and talented and it should be a...
  9. Irish60

    NBA plan to offer elite HS players $125,000 to play in G League

    With the basketball season in the not too distant future, I was wondering what people thought of the NBA's suggested plan to offer elite high school basketball players $125,000 to bypass the "one and done" route of the NCAA and to play in the G League. It sounds like the NBA is looking to grow...
  10. Irish60

    Athens standout QB, Joe Burrow, transferring from OSU

    It comes as no real surprise, but former Athens' All-Ohio QB has announced he will be transferring from OSU. As a graduate transfer, he can go wherever without having to sit out a year. To me, he was by far the best high school QB I had personally seen play. I wish him well; unless he goes to...
  11. Irish60

    Darius Bazley reportedly set to forego college for NBA G-League

    It was just a matter of time! Good luck to the young man.
  12. Irish60

    DII Canton Regional Final: VASJ (18-8) vs. ASVSM (17-8)

    Ever since it was announced that VASJ was going to be in DII, you could see this game on the horizon. The Irish won the game earlier in the season but you can throw that out. Especially since it was early in the year and both these teams were so reliant on underclassmen. Both teams have grown...
  13. Irish60

    Ohio rec basketball league boots team because of racist jerseys

    You just can't make stuff like this up. Who in their right mind EVER thought this was a good idea!?!
  14. Irish60

    Division Assignments

    I originally posted the below comment on the VASJ/Euclid thread. The main discussion was bandied back and forth between Bennies'01 and Bball216. It's an annual discussion, but I found the topic interesting enough to open it up to a wider audience. Interesting conversation, but its the same one...
  15. Irish60

    Teams of the decades

    With the basketball season getting under way, I'd like to look back a little bit! I am interested in who you would list as the teams of the decades. Help me fill in the schedule below! I've listed my ideas of schools and I have not included the 2010's since they aren't over yet! Now, before...
  16. Irish60

    Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy the games!

    To all of the young men still playing football, congratulations to you and to your teams. To progress this far is an accomplishment in and of itself. With that in mind, I wish each of a Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy the holiday, enjoy your families, and get back to work! You have a game to play...
  17. Irish60

    Holding back a player in grade school

    On another thread, there is a discussion about a freshman QB who was held back in the 7th grade, ostensibly to give him another year to physically develop before moving on to high school. This is NOT intended to be about that young man! There is a thread devoted to that already! My question here...
  18. Irish60

    Favorite high school basketball venue

    With the season winding down, I was wondering what are your favorite venues for high school basketball. Which are the toughest places to play? Which give the home team the best home court advantage? For me, I like the older gyms. The ones with some history. I'll leave it to the Canton folks to...
  19. Irish60

    Top five players from your school

    Another thread talks about the top 10 players from the State of Ohio. It got me thinking about who the top 5 players from some of these schools would be. I'll start off with my 5 for STVM, and, for old times sake, include Central-Hower even though it's shut down. STVM LeBron James Jerome...
  20. Irish60

    Most compelling NEO District Final?

    There are going to be some great District Finals played in NEO over the next couple of days! Which one is the most compelling match up? St. Ed's vs. St. Ignatius? Benedictine vs. CCC? Jackson vs. Hoover? Any one else? Should be a great weekend for HS basketall! Good luck to all the teams.