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    Kings Hammer Girls Join ECNL

    Perhaps... but believe me, such arrogance would then be a 2-way street.
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    Kings Hammer Girls Join ECNL

    Bad news for CUP. Amazed at the “adults” at OE and CUP inability to collaborate on anything for the kids...CUP with so much more history of success than Hammer. Personally, the more this plays out the more I can‘t stand OE—I am happy my daughters name is and will always be attached to the...
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    More DA club defections to ECNL

    Well I must be desperate for things to do as I’m going to comment. :unsure: But DA was simply trying to use the same method that ECNL did to establish themselves, use their ‘juice’ so to speak get the call up the players will come. DA took that ’juice’ away from ECNL, then folded before it...
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    How's GMC shaping up? It's never too early to start some chatter.
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    Lordy it's boring around here. Will SUA take a back seat to anyone?
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    August Scrimmages

    The teams have been announced and folks are firing up their preseason with a few scrimmages. I assume some will kick off tonight. Scores? Details? New comers? Old comers? Let the prognostication begin.