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    Northwest Ohio Playoff thread

    I was told at game last night the TCC/St John game will be at Whitmer. Also I would be surprised if Ross put in for any game this year because they didn't put in for any last year I know.
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    Two Piece uniform?

    Is anyone using the new two piece uniform? I Have been to a few tournaments this year and I have not seen them anywhere. Just wondering whats up with them, and is it getting more kids out???
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    St. X swimming

    Will St.X be as good as normal? Also did Carson Foster go to St. X or elsewhere?
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    West Jefferson Invite

    Does anyone know all the teams their? I know a few. West Jeff West Holmes Hillard Davidson Hillsboro Eastwood
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    Northwood Jim Derr Invite

    What are all the teams there and who will win?
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    Fremont - Toledo Bowsher Scrimmage Today?

    I just read on another forum that Ross and Bowsher scrimmage today Saturday 8-8 which I thought was illegal. I thought the 10th was the earliest you could play a scrimmage. Ross won 28-6