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    Parents Driving Players To Games???

    Could schools have parents drove players to games to save money on bussing??? Even if football is played the crowds are going to be so limited that schools are still going to lose a lot of money. I'm saying drive for all Sports, Football, Volleyball, Cross Country ECT.
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    If the Governor repeals testing, will he give a protocol to schools

    Will he give a protocol to schools on what to do with positive cases, how it should be handled? My wife is a teacher and from what she has said her school has gotten little to zero guidance from the state. The Governor just pushing it down the road to the schools. Have other schools gotten...
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    Anyone going to team camp?

    Are any teams going to team camp? If so how expensive was the testing???
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    3rd Party Testing???

    Are schools going to have to hire 3rd party testing for Athletes??? Is it going to be real medical testing or you look ok you can play testing??? These are big questions that need to be answered quickly? And what happens if a player has it. Does the team have to sit out two weeks??? Still a...
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    Self Quarentine from Vacation???

    Are any programs requiring players to self Quarentine after returning from Florida or any other hots spots when they come back? Not allowed to go to Workouts for 2 weeks. I thought some might do that so they don't have to shut down their whole programs.
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    Private School Question

    If we don't (and I pray we do) have football this fall and we don't have in person classes, will people pull their children out of private schools. Taking with my parents yesterday, they said they would have pulled me and my siblings out of private school if no in person classes or sports...
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    Hoover Dominants Jackson in District Semi Final

    Hoover lead from start to finish. Was never really a game. That was very impressive. Jackson had a hard time even getting a shot off. After watching the Hoover game and the second half of the GlenOak Louisville game, I would say that Hoover is a heavy favorite to win the District, possibly...
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    New North Canton Hoover Boy's Track Coach

    Looks like Hoover got a new boys track coach. Sounds like Stroemple was not renewed as head boys track coach coach, not sure about cross country. New Coach's name is Johnson. I believe he was the coach 5 or 6 years ago. Hopefully he can get the numbers back up and bring back some success.
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    Hoover 2020

    I saw in the Repository that Coach Baum got brought back by a 3-2 vote. They were close to winning more games Hoover should be really good next year. They have Ashby back 1st team All Ohio QB and most of the WR's. Defense needs to be worked on this year. I think they gave up 35-50 points a...
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    Hoover vs Lake

    Who wins this one. Everything on the line for Hoover. No win, no playoffs. Should be a good game.
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    Hoover Vikings

    Any word on How Hoover did in their scrimmage? Sounds like they have a Major DI QB in Ashby. I know they have everyone back on Offense. Looks like they might be able to challenge
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    Canton McKinley Job

    This job should get a bunch of applications. Will be interesting if they are willing to put the money into the program to hire a good coach. Or just hire someone on Staff. Not sure if anyone on staff is qualified. Good luck a lot of talent in Canton. Good Luck All
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    Rumor Federal League Players Transferring to St V.

    Heard this morning that some players are Transferring from a couple of different schools. But I doubt it's true. Whey would they want to sit out half the year and not play in tournament. Good Luck All
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    Federal League Meet

    Hopefully the weather is good. Beautiful for the JV Federal League Meet. Girls should come down to Hoover or GlenOak. Boys I think is a little more wide open. Good Luck Friday.
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    Strasburg Softball Coach

    Who is coaching Strasburg? Talking with some guys at work who kids play travel softball with Strasburg players, said they got a new coach. I know they are a good program. Good Luck All
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    Federal League 2019-2020

    Looks like the league should be better next year. A lot of young talent coming back Also I heard there might be one or two jobs open in the league? But I haven't seen anything in the paper yet. Good Luck All. Season will be here before you know it.
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    Hoover Volleyball Coach

    Anyone know who is applying for this job!!!
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    14 Foot Hoover Pole Vaulter Transfers to Perry. Eligible Right Away.
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    Hoover 4-2 vs Lake 3-3 Week 6

    After the first quarter last night Hoover played pretty much a perfect game. If Hoover wins out they should get a home playoff game. Has Lake had some guys get hurt? It just doesn't seem like they are playing well. Hopefully Hoover keeps improving. That QB, along with most of the soph...
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    Week 5 Hoover vs McKinley

    McKinley is still undefeated, but had a close one with green. McKinley and green were tied at 20 in second half. Doesn't sound like McKinley is playing very well, but they still won. Hoover dominated GlenOak and is 3 -1. Hoover is playing really well right now. I was very impressed with...