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    Playing only league games?

    I concur, especially if your non conference opponent is only 3 miles away, like minster and fort loramie!
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    Ohio High School Football Coaches Association Releases 38-page Restart Proposal

    I dont know about any other school, but I live in MAC country, not saying the school (I married in) and the school is absolutely not following any of the guidelines. They've been out practicing all week, and just driving by and taking a gander it's obvious to see. Do I care? Absolutely not. Do I...
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    Northwest Conference 2020

    The other was Perry, and they had to overcome a huge 4th quarter deficit to win that game. Perry blew that one hands down. Could only be one win the last two years. Growing up, (I'm 30) Jefferson was always respectable every year, even if they only won a few playoff games here or there. But this...
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    Dewine to Announce Football Decision Today?

    This actually happened to my brothers friend in Cincinnati. Left a COVID testing line for long wait times and received a positive test in the mail.
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    2020 State Champion PREDICTIONS

    Does anyone know the enrollment numbers of COVID-19? And if they are a public school or private? Sounds like they may have the hottest take as far as how to recruit
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    2020 State Champion PREDICTIONS

    That is very, very tentative and if you've been at all paying attention, the 2nd wave is on it's way around the country right now. I would be very surprised given the extremely volatile situation of the virus, that we will finish fall sports. We may get them started, but it is hard to imagine a...
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    School Logo History/Backstory

    Sandusky Blue Streaks (named after the coaster at nearby Cedar Point)
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    School Logo History/Backstory

    Lima Perry Commodores-named after Naval Sargent Matthew Perry, whose nickname was "Commodore Perry." Pretty simple, but interesting. No one in the state of Ohio uses that moniker. I believe there is another Perry Commodores in Pennsylvania though. And of course, Vanderbilt uses Commodores.
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    New Knoxville

    Any truth to the rumor that New Knoxville is shutting down? Heard that from grumblings of people here in Minster. Any MAC supporters chime in on this?
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    State Championship Updates (Marion Local vs. Lucas)

    My God this is like watching a car accident in slow motion. Reminds of how exactly Perry got smashed by New Bremen. Lucas is HORRIBLE
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    How often do your schools practice during the playoffs?

    More importantly, kids NEED routine.
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    Division VII State Championship: Marion Local (12-2) vs. Lucas (13-1)

    I dont think this will be a blowout by any means. For 3 reasons. It is extremely difficult to constantly defend a well executed double wing T on only a weeks worth of film prep and practice; one missed defensive assignment and it's off to the races. Lucas is extremely physical (manhandled a...
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    Division VI State Semifinal: Mechanicsburg (11-2) vs. Anna (12-1)

    If you go back in the playoff archives, this really didnt start until a few years ago. Until Snodgrass took over, used to be that distance was one of the first if not the first thing the OHSAA looked at. Jerry does a nice job, is a nice guy, but too nice if you ask me. Caters and caves in to...
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    Division VI State Semifinal: Mechanicsburg (11-2) vs. Anna (12-1)

    They will come up with a bullcrap answer when asked but we all know the real reason. Friendships among the higher ups, perks, bonuses, etc. When picking a neutral site, the OHSAA doesnt give a rat's who has to travel more. They put the game where they want it. Lucas has to travel 1 hr 30...
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    Division VI State Semifinal: Mechanicsburg (11-2) vs. Anna (12-1)

    All about who you know, man. I know for a fact that Brad Rex (wapak AD) and Jerry Snodgrass are good buddies. Which explains a lot. Wapak gets a game every week. All of those games used to go to Lima 4+ years ago. Not sure when Wapak got turf but since they did, they funnel a lot of games to...
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    Division II State Semifinal: Toledo Central Catholic (13-0) vs. La Salle (11-2)

    OHSAA has a woody for the stadiums at Piqua, Sidney and Wapak. Cant say I blame them. Piqua and Sidney have great high school fields and settings. I like Piqua's field better but Sidney's setting better.
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    Top H.S. Playoff Stadiums

    Piqua does also
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    Division 7 Region 28 SemiFinal #5 Lima Perry vs #8 New Bremen

    Yes, all 23 of them lol actually most of the kids are perry originals.
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    Division 7 Region 28 SemiFinal #5 Lima Perry vs #8 New Bremen

    48-20 New Bremen. But I think it might be close for awhile. Dont read too much into the delphos jefferson loss, Perry has improved since then. They blew a 14 point 4th quarter lead in that game. Size and depth of new bremen will wear the Commodores out in the 2nd half. Perry is very comparable...
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    playoff sites

    It doesnt matter where Perry-New Bremen is...we are going to get steamrolled. I'm a fan but more so a realist. The reality is that Perry will look like a deer in headlights going into this. They will be playing in front of the largest crowd they have seen all year and the outcome wont be pretty...