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    next season

    If thats the case, and it very well could be, I feel for the kids. Especially the seniors to be.
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    VASJ Part Ways with Babe Kwasniak

    That was funny. Have to admit.
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    OHSAA to Host Press Conference Thursday (Noon)

    Absolutely spot on. Because little Johnny, little Sally or school who never got this far doesn't get to achieve a once in a lifetime dream of playing in a Regional or making it to Columbus. Maybe next year?? Sheesh.
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    OHSAA to Host Press Conference Thursday (Noon)

    I'm guessing this decision has more than likely been made for days. If not longer. They just need to put an end to it finally
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    OHSAA Tells Winter Sport Coaches HOLD ON JUST A MINUTE

    Completely agree. I actually think they know already but want to position it where it isn't complete shock and awe right now and that they feel it won't be/feel as bad several weeks down the road when they announce its completely shut down. Just my opinion of course.
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    OHSAA Announces All State and Regional Tournaments are “Postponed Indefinitely”

    How can they be any stronger? They don't really lose anything do they? Still have the Branham young man correct along with Pryor and Harris? Unless you mean maybe more experienced?
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    OHSAA Announces All State and Regional Tournaments are “Postponed Indefinitely”

    Ummm they are in D 2 right??? Or did I read the post wrong?
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    D2 Canton Regional

    SVSM by 15-20 over Chaney LE by whatever they want over Triway
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    D2 Boardman District

    I respectfully disagree as there are three teams in that district which have advanced to regional play and beyond multiple times in the last 5 years alone. Lake Catholic a few years back went to Canton, Lutheran East was in Columbus the last few years in D3 and VASJ last was was in Columbus in...
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    D2 Boardman District

    I would go so far as saying the #2 team out of Ashtabula AND perhaps Stow would win the Boardman District. No disrespect meant but it speaks to the tougher Cleveland area districts (in all divisions I might add).
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    D2 Boardman District

    This is just a bad District. Whoever wins will still be about 15-20 points away from getting out of Canton.
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    Cle. Central Catholic (14-6) at VASJ (8-12) 2/21/20

    Joe's will be fine. They have had way more "up" years than "down" ones. I believe there are a great number of programs and coaches in the state that would take what they've produced historically. FWIW I'm not a VASJ shill. Just respect what they have accomplished.
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    VASJ (8-10) at Lake Catholic (10-5) 2/14/20

    Did Waag suffer the injury in game?
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    Brush Preseason #1 in Cleveland?

    Or was born in 1986 . . .
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    Cleveland Heights removed from the Post Season by OHSAA

    Administration needs held accountable.
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    Buchtel's Chris Livingston to Western Reserve Academy?

    Is WRA an OHSAA member school? If not then would OHSAA even recognize them as far as their transfer rules are concerned? Thanks in advance for your thoughts/insight.
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    Buchtel's Chris Livingston to Western Reserve Academy?

    Out of curiosity is there any chance they could end up at SVSM next year without having to sit?