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    Middle School softball question - PITCHING

    My daughter pitches at 43' for her summer team and from what I understood it is universal for all 13 & 14U players. I was about to send a note to the diocese, as she plays for her school team, to get it moved from 40' - 43' throughout their rec ball league. In doing my research for this and...
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    Great/Unique/Sad softball facilities

    Hey there, The football forum had a great thread on unique or quirky football stadiums. I am wondering if any have thoughts on softball fields? Obviously softball doesn't have the same attraction as football, basketball, or even baseball but as I start getting into state high softball I...
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    Columbus Bishop Ready

    I am not sure this is the right forum for this post since this is more about the future of the school. I am an outsider looking into the location of Bishop Ready. It is located in a completely residential section of the westside of Columbus but it seems to lag behind the other schools in terms...
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    Cleveland St. Joseph 1966-1969

    Hello, I watched an old Villa Angela-Saint Joseph video and a gentlemen stated they did not lose a game in his 4 years at Joe’s. I know they had success but not to that level. Can anyone confirm this? Also, is there any references to old ohio school records? TIA
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    What happened to Watterson?

    If this question has been asked before I apologize for asking again but I didn’t see it addressed. I know Watterson has a new coach this year but it seems like it’s been a downhill slide for a number of years now. I’m not looking to bash anyone but am really curious what happened? Is Hagley the...