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    Team Camps or Shootouts

    Ohio school teams definitely won't be able to do anything until July. As of now, teams have unlimited coaching days in July and August. Shootouts and team camps will happen then.
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    Article OHSAA Girls Basketball State Tournament Moving to the University of Dayton

    I've heard OSU doesn't want any of these events anymore, and they will all be leaving campus but that was third hand.
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    What now to with CC runners now that Track is cancelled.

    I've seen this two year thing on social media and a lot of reports that it's not true at all.
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    IUDOGS: 2020 Ohio High School Girls Basketball Head Coaches Changes Stunner--Watkins Memorial coach Tate Moore jumps to league rival Granville. Watkins will be open. Not sure they have an AD right now.
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    OHSAA to Host Press Conference Thursday (Noon)

    My only issue here is now is not the time to have a heavy hand about kids moving on to travel sports (not that they are going on anyway). In essence almost punishing the kids who are still alive in basketball for advancing and not losing early in tournaments (I know, not a track issue).
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    Best and Worst Indoor Facilities in Ohio

    -Akron and Spire are really good; location of Spire obviously a problem. -Cedarville sounds like Otterbein and OSU; so packed that it's not hardly worth going. -Haven't seen YSU or Logan's new facility but they both seem really promising.
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    Bellevue Girls outa pulling video

    I just can't believe her dad/coach let her finish the game. Nothing would condone what she did, but does anyone know if anything led up to it? By MaxPreps records it looks like a really good team playing an average team, and it wound up being a 40 point blowout. Not that a more competitive...
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    AP Poll

    I fundamentally agree with you, but MaxPreps is only as good as the information it is provided--and there's a ton of bad information and duplicates out there. The good thing is that we have a tournament and crown real champions, and everyone has at least a puncher's chance.
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    Any suggestions on getting people to talk about girls basketball on here?

    We are very fortunate at the school my kid plays at because the student section is primarily made up of players from the boys team, and they get into it. It makes sense--the kids who really love the game should love being a fan nearly as much as playing. We get bigger student sections for boys...
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    Madison Greene

    Believe it or not, this is a different person. She's a freshman who played middle school ball at Licking Heights.
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    You're exactly right, but I guess it was close to home for Ron Clutter. Only about a $90mil mistake.
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    District Results-Centerville girls

    Will not happen in the court of Yappi. Perhaps the Board will do something with the accusations.
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    State Meet course

    Access roads are tough here but there's a ton of parking and several entrances. And, I'm sure the Fairgrounds folks would fall all over themselves to host it. Question might be who would make a good meet manager but there are a few strong programs in the area so maybe someone can be identified.
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    Columbus Eastmoor Academy Girls head Basketball Coach??

    Per their twitter page, Keith Dimmy is now head coach.
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    Cross Country runner disqualified for competing with hijab

    I agree 100%...the coach, though, bears some blame. Our kids are always told they have to follow uniform rules in postseason even if they got away with some things during the regular season. Having said that, this is beyond ridiculous. And in general, OHSAA uniform rules are asinine, in all...
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    District Results-Centerville girls

    The AD is not the coach. I'm sure they don't get involved in coaching decisions until they blow up in the coach's face. Rules were followed and the coach did what he thought was best for the success of his program. What does hold accountable mean, exactly? You aren't suggesting that the...
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    Pickerington Regional D1 Boys & Girls

    I think the boys race for the 3-5 spots will be very, very tight, with 5 or 6 teams fighting it out. Should be some exciting racing on Saturday.
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    Recommendations for cross country state meet?

    I hear you but it's not just grandma and grandpa who turn out for the state meet. It's A LOT of student peers who might not come out to any other meets, and might not know how to negotiate getting out onto the course. The question I would turn back at you is, do you want to dissuade grandma...
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    2019 Centerville SNL Approved Teams Final List and Championship Race Teams

    I think Centerville is a fantastic meet, but I wouldn't mind seeing them time up the awards and do them on the field quickly in between loops during races. You'd have the attention of a lot of people. And we'd get a break from the, uh, music.
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    State Rankings

    Seems like they are appropriately ranked for now, may drop a spot or two this week. Unioto beat them at Hartford and Bay edged them at Tiffin. Really good team though and has a good chance to win at Pickerington.