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    Youth Football Star Killed--what a waste!!

    Anybody who has ever been to East St. Louis won't be surprised!!
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    Does the OHSAA need to be involved?

    I read in The Findlay Courier football edition this morning that Vanlue has only 15 players on their roster this year, including several freshmen starting. I understand player involvement is decreasing nearly everywhere, but 15 players on a Varsity roster is NOT safe for the kids involved. Is...
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    American Legion Scores

    Does anybody have scores from the Great Lakes Regional Tournament being held in Toledo?
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    An Open Letter to Parents

    I've contemplated writing this for several weeks, but something I read today on Yappi made me act on my thoughts. As a former head football coach/teacher and parent I feel qualified to get on my soapbox and tell my feeling towards the current state of affairs in high school sports. It...
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    Longtime official Robbie Lee passes away

    He was one of the best basketball officials I have ever seen. Plus a great guy!
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    OT scores on hook and ladder play,football&videoid=99a2833c-08ad-455b-aff0-32ab2caf8f9a Offensive Tackles--show your coaches this play on Monday morning. :Ohno:
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    Non high school postings

    Can we please stop the constant postings of every travel ball team in Ohio seeking a players or games to add to their schedule. This is a HS baseball site. If I have to read any more of this crap to get to high school info, I will find another site to do so. :soapbox:
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    Ridgedale no longer a FB member of N10 Conference

    The Board of Education has made the correct (although unpopular) decision to leave the Northern 10 conference for football starting in 2017.
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    5 Grandsons in State Finals--3 different team.

    Nice article in the Findlay Courier this morning about a winning family!!
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    Lima Sr. Coach threatened with his life--

    I didn't see this on any other thread and wanted to share. It apparently happened at a practice a week ago. Haven't heard any updates. Very sad part of our current society--Coach Fell is a "god" to many people in that pit they call Lima...
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    Carey Classic

    Does anybody have any results from today's Carey Classic?