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  1. Crusaders

    What Does Communist China Have on Joe Biden?

    Well, Samsung makes good phones but Google is probably selling all their data to China, too. We need a data law overhaul.
  2. Crusaders

    MSFT buying TikTok

    Didn’t realize Microsoft has a parent company HQ’d in China. Lol
  3. Crusaders

    Should we get rid of ALL monuments to people who waged war against the United States?

    So you struggle with comprehension?
  4. Crusaders

    MSFT buying TikTok

    Microsoft is buying them so they can sell the data to China. Big money in being that middle man. Trump should break up Microsoft (again).
  5. Crusaders

    Iconic concerts attended.

    Santana Tool Justin Timberlake
  6. Crusaders

    Former GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain dies after battle with coronavirus

    At least we can confirm Happy is indeed a disturbed individual
  7. Crusaders

    GDP Drops At A 33% Annual Rate in the Second Quarter

    All of this is nonsense
  8. Crusaders

    GDP Drops At A 33% Annual Rate in the Second Quarter

    8% of their stores. Seems like they expanded quite quickly over the past few years
  9. Crusaders

    GDP Drops At A 33% Annual Rate in the Second Quarter

    I guess this is proof a coordinated attempt at creating hysteria can cripple an economy, especially when governors jump in. Though I’m sure some would like to believe this harms Trump, his policies have been very economy-forward and most rational people don’t blame him for Covid.
  10. Crusaders

    Matrix Trilogy

    Cloud Atlas was worth watching
  11. Crusaders

    Big Ten moving to conference-only model for all sports this fall

    I can't imagine a scenario where the MAC wouldn't accommodate whatever the Big Ten wanted. Those games are big for those athletic departments. The conference is losing millions
  12. Crusaders

    Property values dropping like a rock

    To be fair, a lot of these houses are very well taken care of with high quality interiors and yard/entertainment space. If they're close to the tram, that price makes even more sense. That house in Ohio probably goes for $105k at most, but it will probably need $40k worth of updates just to...
  13. Crusaders

    Matrix Trilogy

    The original is a sci-fi classic but the whole series has held up pretty well, better than I would've thought
  14. Crusaders

    A lot of black people are not useful idiots and have had it.

    It’s 2020. Not separating people into monolithic racial groups is racist.
  15. Crusaders

    What is this all about

    The point of it all is social unrest to push a far-left, anti-American agenda. Anarchists, Marxists, and radical Muslims are joined hand-in-hand in pushing exaggerated claims of -ism and -phobia to demonize the majority (white people, especially white men). So far, only around 15% of Americans...
  16. Crusaders

    Seattle's New NHL Franchise- Krakens

    The Kraken is a mythical creature from Scandinavian folklore and has nothing to do with Seattle. This marginalizes the black trans community as well as the Indigenous of the Pacific Northwest. This is white supremacy in action.
  17. Crusaders

    Seattle's New NHL Franchise- Krakens

    Seattle Chaz. Missed opportunity Or Seattle Pines. Fans could be coneheads
  18. Crusaders

    Stone Tools Suggest Humans Lived In North America Earlier Than Expected

    IIRC, the people that preceded the Natives were not the same that crossed the Bering Strait