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  1. brian1227

    Virginia has postponed high school football

    Wow not good news.
  2. brian1227

    Cuyahoga Falls has best fans in northeast ohio

    There fan support Is off the charts.All fan bases should be like them.
  3. brian1227

    Can boys Pickerington central break points record?

    This team is completely loaded. They just might.
  4. brian1227

    Can any girls team beat twinsburg this year

    Who could beat twinsburg?
  5. brian1227

    Lake Erie League is expanding

    Saw on twitter garfield heights and shaker heights been invited.
  6. brian1227

    What wrong with stow?

    They were suppose to be good now 1 3 and lost to nordonia.
  7. brian1227

    Hudson 43 Nordonia 42

    Told you I kniow basketball. Can't lose top 2 players and win.
  8. brian1227

    Nordonia 0 3

    I told you they are not good.I know basketball.
  9. brian1227

    Ty lue fired

    About freakin tine.
  10. brian1227

    Fire hue jackson today

    Worst coach i ever seen.
  11. brian1227

    Terry Francona should be fired

    A postseason failure of a manager,he has lost it.
  12. brian1227

    2018 Ohio state biggest failure in ncaa football history

    THIS Team a all tine faiilure, all time embarassment.
  13. brian1227

    Summit County top 10

    1 Akron Hoban 2 Nordonia 3 Akron East 4 St v 5 Revere 6 Mogadore 7 Twinsburg 8 Tallmadge 9 Ellet 10 Stow A very down year for summit county.
  14. brian1227

    2018 Cavs are biggest failure in nba history

    Lost series to boston without kyrie and heyward lebron gone.
  15. brian1227

    Keith Boedicker new Rootstown head coach

    A very good hire for the school.
  16. brian1227

    Twinsburg 54 nordonia 45

    Told you nordonia not good, i know basket ball.
  17. brian1227

    Cavs season is over

    This team is beyond embarrassing, they are awful.
  18. brian1227

    Brush 63 Garfield heights 60

    Wow that a suprise,great win.
  19. brian1227

    Boston Celtics will make the nba finals

    Imagine if they had gordon heyward , they ate best team it not even close. Cavs. Are old , slow, play no defense, kyrie made the cavs team with lebron, he the closer.
  20. brian1227

    Atlanta hawks 117 Cleveland cavs 115

    This team is a total embarrassment , it pathetic.