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    D2 Region 5

    We all know about Hoban and Massillon, but who else makes it in to the playoffs in this brutal region?
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    Week 3: Lake @ Copley

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    Perry (5-1) @ Lake (4-2)

    Thoughts and predictions? Lake played much better last night and looked more improved than they did the past 2 weeks. Perry is coming off a huge blowout win against Green. Perry seems to be clicking on all cylinders and Lake seems to be regaining a little momentum. I'm gonna say Perry 35-21...
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    Week 4: Massillon Jackson @ Uniontown Lake

    Thoughts and predictions? Really hope Lake comes out firing and just handles this one. This is always one of my favorite games of the year! Lake vs Jackson in all sports has been worth the price of admission lately! Good luck to both.
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    Federal League Week 1

    After week 1, who do you guys think are the teams in the front running for the title?
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    Tri-Meet Claymont/Uniontown Lake/St.Eds

    Anybody know the start time for this tri and the order of the teams wrestling? Also anyone want to take a stab at a breakdown for the duals?
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    Federal League

    Who looks to be this years top dogs in the Federal league?
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    Week 4:Jackson @ Lake

    Thoughts? Predictions? I've always enjoyed this game. A nice little league rivalry. I always root for the Polar Bears when they aren't playing my streaks.
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    Week 3: Lake vs. Olentangy Liberty

    Thoughts? Haven't been much talk about this game. Heard Liberty is very very big but not a lot of athletes. Hopefully the streaks can get it done.
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    2013 Federal League

    Haven't been too much talk on who will win the league this year so I figured id start a thread! Who do you believe will be your 2013 Federal League champs?