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    How will the Hilliard high schools be in 2021?

    Ok, if we have wrestling in 2021 (Which we all hope we will) how will the three Hilliard high schools be. Darby Davidson Bradley
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    Olentangy Berlin Head wrestling coach ?

    Have they named a head coach for Olentangy Berlin yet? If so who is it? thanx
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    Ohio middle school start date ?

    I read on the OHSAA middles school page that the start date is 12-1-17 as far as first match. But yet most of the OCC middle schools opened up last night ? Were last night matches exhibitions or real matches ?
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    Special Teams question

    Whats everyones best/favorite punt return and kick off return formation ?
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    Meals and hotels for state wrestlers

    Do high schools get money to pay for meals and hotels for the state tournament?
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    OAC Jr. High State Question

    I know that you get three years for the OAC Jr. High state, I was wondering if the below sequence or scenario would be allowed ? 6th Grade- No Jr. High State 7th Grade - No Jr. High State 8th Grade- Attend Jr. State Repeat 8th Grade- Attend Jr. State
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    Job Openings for the 2015/2016 season ?

    Any big head coaching jobs open for the 2015-2016 season ? Or anyone big names retiring ?
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    Jr. High State thoughts ?

    Well Philo is over so that should give everyone a good idea about some of the top Jr. High wrestlers in Ohio. Who are the top names at these weight classes ? 108 114 120 126 132 138 146
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    Are Jr. High district results posted ?

    Who won today ? Any results ?