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    St. Edward Hockey 2019-2020

    New coach in the house, new attitude around the team?
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    St. Edward Hockey 2018-2019

    The Eagles opened up their season with a 3-2 win over Holy Name and a 2-1 win over Erie Cathedral Prep. It was lost in the big football weekend against Mentor. The real question is, can they challenge St. Ignatius on the ice this year?
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    St. Edward Football 2018

    Now that March Madness is over for the basketball team, I thought it was time to have the new season thread for the Eagles. What does the schedule look like? Who is returning? How can we win the state title?
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    Annual Report

    Anybody get a good look at the annual report for this year? I just received the e-mail today and I was quite disappointed by the small numbers. I understand the economy was bad but geez Ed's needs more support then that to survive the next decade.
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    Greatest games for St. Ed's

    What are the greatest games (all sports) for St. Ed's? '93 Eds vs. Ignatius was a classic. As was '01 and '96 editions of the Holy War. The 70s had some great games too. Beating up on Steubenville in '73 along with that 20-20 tie with Benedictine. In '75 we completely dominated Warren...