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    The three little pigs.

    When I think of the orange turd, and all the events happening everyday, is the story of the " three little pigs", trump, barr, and pompeo. They all look like three little pigs. The big pig is trump and the other two pigs are sucking the hind tit of the main pig, which is barr and pompeo. It's...
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    Should we use the bible to justify our political beliefs?

    Trump just interjected the scripture for political gain. This may be the most non moral president in history. Three wife's five children by different mothers. Having sex with a porn star and paying her off not to tell. This is the lowest our country has currently been in history. The white...
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    Is MAGA just an acronym for a racist?

    It seems like the whole nation is at war. We have our potus getting his rocks off on creating division. Young people are pissed off and rightfully so. The next several years of life looks grim at best. The disparity in our country is as bad as I can ever remember and that's freak'n old. My...
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    How about flipping the schedule?

    With so many things completely up in the air and the season in real question. What about flipping the schedule? Most teams compete in leagues with the rivalry game being played week 10. Almost every league plays between 6 to 8 teams within their league. If we started the season playing league...
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    Eight grade parents hold your kids back?

    Eight grade parents hold your kids back?
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    Mika Brzezinki! What a piece of excrement!!

    Mika Brzezinki! What a piece of excrement!!