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    2019 - 2020 Ohio High School Boys Basketball Head Coaches Changes

    Who is replacing Shaun O'Connell at Withrow?
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    Dunbar gets no disciplinary action? Where is the respect the game mantra on this one

    #2 from Dunbar has been removed by Dayton Public Schools from participating in athletics for the entire school year. He is a senior, so that is the end of high school sports for him.
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    Ironton Fighting Tigers

    Is there any movement in the Ironton Boy's Basketball coaching search? From everything out there, it should be beyond decision time? Has their Board approved anyone yet?
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    New Conference Idea

    Schools like Trotwood and Winton Woods are on the outside looking in, because their conferences have deemed them a poor fit. Lack of freshmen and JV teams in many sports, and low participation numbers or no sport offerings in other sports have hurt them. The fact that they are dominant in...