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    US Youth Soccer Best XI Teams

    Congratulations to all the players selected from the Great Lakes Conference!
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    PDA Showcase 2019

    Great Memorial Day tournament for ECNL and Non ECNL teams!
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    2019 State Cup

    What Teams are competing well in the State Cup?
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    OE Girls College Showcase

    Anyone catch any matches at the showcase this weekend?
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    NLI Signing Day!

    Congrats to all the college commits and their families! Which Club had the highest number of commits this year?
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    Kick Cash?

    Would you utilize this Kick Cash?
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    1 Mason 0 Fairfield Congrats to Mason!
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    Player First Licensing

    How many area Clubs will apply on October 15th?
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    New Governors Cup

    Do you think a 3rd tournament was needed? We already have the Presidents Cup And State Cup?