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    Didn't make it to the game, but apparently West was able to shut down KA (#25) ? I think she is one of the most underrated players around. Blazing fast and had a cracker of a left-footed goal against Mason.
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    Fall HS Season

    Looks like teams have figured out that if you just shut down KA and prevent the longball to her, you can stop Loveland. Anderson has some talent, they might win some games this year. When was the last time Loveland was 1-2? Flip throw-ins and gimmicky corner kicks have run their course maybe?
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    Fall HS Season

    I think the story is that she is a freshman, right? Not that she plays for OE.
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    Fall HS Season

    And what club do the other girls play for that score the remaining 5 goals?
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    Fall HS Season

    For the last time dipshit I am not a parent!
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    Fall HS Season

    Anderson should be strong, and I think Hamilton will surprise some people although not a contender. Milford has a core a players that are strong but they are not deep.
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    Fall HS Season

    Hey Coach K, not a parent, I would never let my kid play for you. and you are damn lucky i am not a parent, because if I were I would be making several phone calls. One would be to the school board, the OHSAA, and the ACLU to report you for violating my child's constitutional rights by imposing...
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    Fall HS Season

    It is important to note that NONE of these girls WANTED to quit (or as Ted puts it, "chose not to try out"). They just could not spend another season playing for these coaches. The returning varsity players (and Messiwannabe DOES say "players that are returning", NOT current players, TED just...
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    subs coming off the field

    Just a minor gripe here, but I wish the officials association would realize that HS games are not professional games with 3 subs the entire game. To waste 15-20 seconds for every sub coming off the field by making the incoming player wait is just stupid. How much time is wasted over the course...
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    What High Schools team play the beautiful game?

    I am curious. For those of you (refs mainly) who see a lot of different teams in a season, what HS teams would you say play the game the way it was meant to be played? I am not talking about teams that win on physical soccer, set plays, flip throws, corners, etc. One could argue that set...
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    State CUP/HS training rules

    Can anyone clarify for me the rules concerning a player playing in regional/national summer club competition and summer HS training? What exactly can they do with HS if they are still in club play? Thanks in advance.
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    Private training current team members

    Just curious what people think of a coach accepting payment for private training players on his current roster. Ethical or not?
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    Flick headers

    Maybe it is a coincidence, but it seems like a LOT of goals I have seen lately in HS soccer are coming off of flick headers. 3 of the 5 goals in the Loveland/St. X game, along with several other goals I have seen in the last two weeks. Many off of throw-ins.
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    Where is the discussion?

    Why aren't there posts about the tourney on here? Have the few people on this board who turn every thread into a OE vs. CUP vs. DA argument killed this forum?
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    For all the refs and site managers out there.... What are the rules and ethical considerations for horns during high school games? At a recent game a fan was blowing a very loud horn just before every free kick for the visiting team. I'm interested to hear what the site manager's role should...
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    Enquirer Coverage

    This may be a dead horse on this forum..... but is the Cinti Enquirer coverage of girls soccer always this bad? I ended my subscription years ago, but now that my kids are playing HS soccer I went out to buy a paper today to look at some scores and find out who scored goals, only to find 5...