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    No High School Football 2020

    There's a hell of a lot of paychecks that depend on sports....and the families they support!
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    The OHSAA has begun discussing the possibility that fall sports could be delayed

    And then there is this......
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    2020 Predictions & favorites

    Can't speak of other divisions, but don't count Monroe out for D-2. They return about everyone from a team that lost by a goal I believe to Wyoming in regionals.
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    Bellbrook Names New Women's Head Soccer Coach.

    Tweet See new Tweets Conversation Bellbrook HS Athletics @BellbrookSports On Thursday night the @BellbrookSchool Board approved Brad Stork as the next Head Coach of the Girls Soccer Program! Coach Stork is a member of the Bellbrook community & is experienced in coaching area club teams...
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    2019 All Stars

    You mean SWO all stars
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    Does OHSAA settlement with GCL Render Competitive Balance Null and Void?

    Here's the ruling. Will this effectively end the effectiveness of C/B? Thoughts?
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    OHSAA Revises Competitive Balance Rules to Placate GCL

    The question is....does this render the original purpose essentially null and void? Here's the change announced 12/11 and comes after the law suite brought by the GCL conference against the OHSAA...
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    Division 2 Final

    Final.....Tipp City 1 Warren Howland 0 Congrats to the Red Devils on their first state title in soccer!
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    Division 2 Final

    Tipp takes 1 to 0 lead with 12 to go in the of a ....wait for it.....long throw in.
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    Division 2 Final

    Mapfre is 115 by 75
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    Division 2 Final

    A big part of Tipp's game is the long throw into the box. That's not going to work at Mapfree. Will be interesting.
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    Cincy Teams - Best Chance at a State Title?

    I will concur with the above assessment. As an impartial was amazing at what was allowed on the field by the officiating crew. At times it more resembled hockey than soccer. Too both teams were skilled and talented. An early stoppage of the "over" physical play by the...
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    Scores from Wednesday 10/30/19 (Regional Semi-Finals)

    It'll be Tipp vs Wyoming in the Southwest District Title game Saturday. Tipp over Marietta 5-1.
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    Scores from Wednesday 10/30/19 (Regional Semi-Finals)

    Wyoming up over Monroe at the half 1-0.
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    Sweet 16 Picks

    Historic 43 game win streak over. Loveland 3 Beavercreek 2
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    Cincy Teams - Best Chance at a State Title?

    Wyoming first has to get by a very good Monroe team before it might play Tipp City.
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    Regional Semi-Final predictions

    No predictions but a comment on the lunacy of putting the Logan winner in D-2 with the Southwest District for the Regional semi's. Tipp City will play Marrietta...a school on the Ohio River across from West Virginia. According to Google Maps they are 197 miles apart and 3 hours and 5 minutes in...
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    Tournament Draw

    Alter 2 Anna 0
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    Tournament Draw

    Monroe 1 Badin 0 19th win on the season for the Hornets.....a school record.