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    Your schools greatest team...

    I was at both of those games, they were both great games in my opinion, Tallmadge had an excellent team that year. I am not sure if that Canfield team or the one that narrowly lost to SVSM was better though.
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    Western Reserve Job

    2017 Canfield allowed 72 points over 13 games or 5.53 points per game, if you discount the first game against Louisville (28 points) the average is 3.66 points per game over their last 12 games including against SVSM in week 13 2018 Canfield allowed 98 points over their first 12 games or 8.16...
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    Conference Changes You Would Like to See

    There is no shortage of Canadien teams from Ontario or teams like the one they played this year from DC.
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    D4 Region 13 Playoff Thread

    I think you are right, which is why they chose Salem apparently. East Liverpool is exactly half way though. Salem seems to get a lot of playoff games for some reason.
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    D4 Region 13 Playoff Thread

    Indian Creek is just West of Steubenville, East Liverpool would be the most logical place to play, it is halfway between both schools. Canfield doesn't have adequate facilities to host, the seating capacity is not large enough and the home stands are very old, save for the new handicap...
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    Louisville Football 2019

    Canfield has the following penciled in for next year... 8/28 At Poland 9/4 At Dover 9/11 Open Vs Louisville? 9/18 At Notre Dame-Cathedral Latin 9/25 At Chaney (at Rayen) 10/2 Open Vs Louisville? 10/9 At Highland 10/16 At East 10/23 Vs Howland 10/30 Vs Boardman Looks like Alliance got tired of...
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    Week 3 Shaw at Hubbard

    Maybe they are just really really badly coached.
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    Week 3 Shaw at Hubbard

    The best match-ups to televise for Canfield were weeks 1 and 2 (Louisville and Dover), Notre Dame-Cathedral Latin next week is also decent but it is too far for them to travel to, and Louisville is the extreme limit they are willing to do and they only did that before because businesses with...
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    Week 3 Shaw at Hubbard

    Canfield won't be on until week 10 against Boardman, it would have been a good choice to have them on last week vs Dover, I heard it was a hell of a game.
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    Friday Night Updates (Week 2)

    Canfield 21 Dover 21 3rd Quarter
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    Week 1: Canfield Cardinals at Louisville Leopards

    Poland refused to play Canfield any week other than week 1, Louisville happened to be week 1, perhaps Louisville can play us next year if they make room later in the season.
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    Mooney football 2019

    Canfield and Mooney definitely played in girls tennis, I never said they didn't. But Mooney was definitely was not on the schedule for the boys team in the mid to late 1990's or 2000's, the only way we would have played is in the OTCA Tournament, sectionals, or a multi-team tournament that might...
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    Mooney football 2019

    Yeah those numbers are city only, but even so the township population was not above 3 thousand until the late 1980's. And some small parts of the township aren't Canfield schools I think.
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    Mooney football 2019

    I know I was at the 2009 game, I can't recall for sure what other year I saw, but it was a standing room only crowd both times, it might be the case that in more recent history the crowds have been smaller. And I didn't see the 2009 game on HUDL, but maybe I am not looking in the right place.
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    Mooney football 2019

    Have you ever been to a Dover vs Canfield game, or do you know the announced attendance from the two games I was at? If not then how would you know what the case is?
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    Mooney football 2019

    Canfield has played Ursuline but not Cardinal Mooney. Canfield has played Cardinal Mooney in every sport but football and possibly boys tennis, if they did play in boys tennis it would have had to been in the 1960's or earlier, and I'm not even sure Mooney had a team yet. You have to remember...
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    Mooney football 2019

    The only two times I was at a Dover vs Canfield game, the stadium was completely full. The difference between those Dover crowds and a potential Mooney crowd would be a wash.
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    Mooney football 2019

    Actually Dover has always had a huge gate, at least they had a great crowd when they played every year starting 10-12 years ago. JFK and East are a much different story. Alliance traveled decently when they were in the MAC, I am not sure about anymore but they seemed to have nice home crowds.
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    Division III Region 9 Final-#1 Canfield Cardinals (11-1) Vs #2 Kenston Bombers (11-1)

    Canfield defeated Kenston 27-7 in their first ever meeting in 1996. Canfield more recently defeated the Bombers 25-7 in 2015 and 44-12 in 2016, Kenston was in Division II in the last two meetings. Canfield has yet to lose against Kenston. Canfield is coming off of an impressive 30-7 victory...
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    D-III Region 9 Semifinal - #1 Canfield Cardinals (10-1) Vs #5 East Orientals (9-2)

    Canfield is coming off of a 35-10 victory over Marlington in the first round, while East defeated Chardon 39-28, a team that Canfield easily handled 35-13 in week 3. The Chardon Hill Toppers were the only common opponent this year. Canfield has never played East as far as I can tell, this will...