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    Green Hs SEO

    Green high school has had to cancel their game friday vs oakhill. for not having enough healthy players. How often does this happen?
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    Week 10 athens vs Nelsonville york

    Another big game down in SEO nelsonville has their spot in the playoffs while athens needs all the help they can get. My predictions athens 38 Ny 28
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    Week 10 wheelersburg vs portsmouth west

    Both teams come in at 9-0 and will be the game to take in in SEO. i see burg winning by 28-35 points
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    Week 10 wellston vs vinton county

    Any one care to talk some SEO teams with me. wellston beat meigs 45-43 in overtime to get their first season above 500 since 2011 Vinton county lost on a last second play to nelsonville Always a fun unpredictable game. Go rockets
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    KY basketball 2017/2018

    Lets talk about some real basketball. I'd say anyhting less then a final 4 is a dissapointment.