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    Madison-Plains needs teams 12/14/19

    Madison-Plains HS, about 20 minutes west of Columbus, is looking for 2 more teams for their individual tournament on Dec 14th. It will be pools to bracket ran through Baumspage. Contact Coach Jordan Cramer at if you want in. Teams committed are: Circleville East (Columbus)...
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    Need Varsity Assistant at Madison-Plains

    Madison-Plains HS, located in London, OH, about 20-30 minutes west of Columbus, is in need of a varsity assistant coach. Currently holding PAV would be ideal but not a deal breaker, however you must be able to obtain one before Nov. 15th. Must be able to pass BCI/FBI background check in order to...
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    In Search of Asst. Varsity Coach

    Madison-Plains HS, located in London, OH, about 20-30 minutes west of Columbus, is in need of a varsity assistant coach. Currently holding PAV would be ideal but not a deal breaker, however you must be able to obtain one before Nov. 15th. Must be able to pass BCI/FBI background check in order to...
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    Tussle on the Turf at Madison-Plains

    We have our 8 teams to make a full dual bracket for Tussle on the Turf Friday June 28th: Team Claws/Maple City WC (Red) Team Claws/Maple City WC (Blue) Columbus Wrestling Club Madison Co WC (MP) Spartan WC (Pleasant) Jackson WC Upper Arlington Washington Court House Madison County WC could use...
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    Tussle on the Turf at Madison-Plains HS

    This year I will be running Tussle on the Turf at Madison-Plains HS on the football field. Since we do have a grass field, we'll most likely cap the entries at 8 teams this year. If we get at least 5 teams total we will run the event and make a team out of individuals if we need to. It will be...
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    Any MS tournaments in Feb?

    Transportation cancelled our trip this past weekend and we had one get cancelled in the beginning of the season do to lack of officials. We have a very full January so is anyone hosting any events in February that we could join? School is Madison-Plains JH located in London, OH. Contact...
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    Millersport HS/Walnut Township Head Coach Opening

    Millersport HS part of the Walnut Township School District, have just started a full varsity wrestling team but are in desperate need of a head wrestling coach. The district is very supportive of the program and have a former wrestling coach on their school board who is willing to help in any...
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    Heath teaching opening

    Heath has a 7th grade Math position open as well as opportunities at both the Jr. High and High School wrestling programs. Contact Roger Morgan at 740-398-2859 or if you have or know anyone that is looking.
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    Girls Wrestling becoming an official OHSAA sport?

    So I saw on twitter this morning Arizona has added girls wrestling as an emergent sport for their state association. This past year it seemed like I read on social media about a large number of females here in Ohio moving on to the district tournament by actually doing well and some even winning...
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    Transfer Rules and Wrestling Opens

    This is a topic for the sake of conversation only because it's the off-season and there's not a whole lot to discuss on here. Since guys are allowed to wrestle non-interscholastic matches up until Christmas so long as they don't compete for their school team during that time, could a wrestler...
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    Madison-Plains Spring Open 4/7/18

    Attached is a flier for the Madison-Plains Spring Open, to be held on April 7th, 2018. We will run split divisions with 4 in the morning and 3 in the afternoon. See contact info on the flier for any questions regarding the event.
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    NCAA merchandice

    Are they going to be selling any of the shirts or all that stuff from this past weekend anywhere? Only thing I keep finding is the basketball stuff and wouldn't mind trying to get a shirt or something. Any help is appreciated. Thanks
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    Minnesota considering weight class reduction

    Not to completely reopen the debate, but saw the story on intermat and they're talking about a lot of the same ideas mentioned in the previous threads. You can read for yourself, but the move would be to benefit smaller divisions for duals, d1...
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    D3 Cardington-Lincoln sectional - discussion, etc

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    D3 Madison-Plains Sectional - discussion, etc

    This year they get allocated back to the C/E district at Heath. Teams attending are (number in front was seed from meeting): 18 MADISON-PLAINS 3 WEST JEFFERSON 4 NORTH UNION 6 LIBERTY UNION 7 GRANDVIEW HEIGHTS 8 COLUMBUS ACADEMY 10 BISHOP READY 11 FAIRBANKS 12 NEWARK CATHOLIC 14 RIDGEDALE 16...
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    New 2-piece, how's it going for you?

    I saw a story on twitter about how the 2-piece helped one state increase their numbers (out west somewhere, Nebraska or Wyoming?) and it sparked my interest with how things are going here. With the season almost over for middle school and HS on the downhill side heading towards post season what...
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    Madison-Plains JV Tournament 2/3/18

    Madison-Plains is hosting a JV tournament on February 3rd in order to get those extra guys some more matches before the season is over. No awards, just wrestling. We will attempt to pair wrestlers by weight and ability in 5 or 6-man round robin brackets and just roll through. $20 per wrestler...
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    Central District All-Star Meet

    When: Tuesday Nov. 21st Where: Bexley HS Programs $1 Admission $4 for kids/students $6 for adults Doors open 5:30pm Wrestling 7pm Gym set-up: 3 mats set up with 3 table workers each, a spot for the Matside with Bob. Bexley AT will be there and the AT room is right across the hallway. Parking...
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    Madison-Plains looking for teams for 2x4 on 1/13/18

    Lack of interest and filled the point elsewhere.
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    Madison-Plains HS hosting scrimmage

    Wednesday November 22nd Madison-Plains HS will host a scrimmage, start time will be 4:30pm. Looking to add about 4 teams, get a lot of live/situational wrestling in a couple of hours. Good way for the guys to burn the calories before heading into Thanksgiving. Contact me, Jordan Cramer, here...