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  1. MontetheCarlo

    Joe Burrow The Greatest OSU QB Ever?

    I'm semi-convinced Schlichter threw the bowl game vs. Clemson.
  2. MontetheCarlo

    Tessitore, McFarland Out of MNF Booth

    Hire Stephen A. then add Trey Wingo and Jamele Hill. If you're going to destroy it, go scorched earth.
  3. MontetheCarlo

    Live Albums..... recommend me some

    At Fillmore East Allman Brothers
  4. MontetheCarlo

    Didn't Know A "General Board" Existed, Haha

    I threw out a Metal Dan reference at home the other night. Blank stares.
  5. MontetheCarlo

    Ex-NFL star Chris Johnson named in murder-for-hire plot that left two dead

    Good. The a@@hole cost me a fantasy playoff game in '12. He ran for 122 yards on 21 carries vs. NYJ. 94 yards came on one TD run. I lost by 4. Sorry about the two dead guys, though.
  6. MontetheCarlo

    Randy Moss vs. Jerry Rice

    I believe Stram said it. I also think he's full of . 4.4 in dress shoes?
  7. MontetheCarlo

    Car Shield

    Usually not a fan, but we got a repair warranty on my son's used truck when he was away at college. It more than paid for itself. The truck was very well maintained, but we had to replace a water pump and alternator when he was 3.5 hours away. Was worth it in this case.
  8. MontetheCarlo

    Dayton’s Schedule

    Why is that bad?
  9. MontetheCarlo

    Weirdest things you've eaten

    Normal German-style hog butchering fare: Blood pudding Fried brains Pig kidneys and liver etc.
  10. MontetheCarlo


    .40 - 500 plus one box of Hornady Critical Duty for EDC .380 - one box for the old lady's EDC .223 - 200 .556 - 100 .22 - 500 20 gauge - 3 boxes 12 gauge - 5 boxes (I obviously need to stock up again)
  11. MontetheCarlo

    2020 Cleveland Browns

    157 pounds?
  12. MontetheCarlo

    Daytona 500

    Dude should walk into NASCAR headquarters and retire. One lucky SOB.
  13. MontetheCarlo

    Ohio State Buckeyes 2020

    Word out of federal lockup is that Schlichter is laying 3 to 1 for acquittal.
  14. MontetheCarlo

    Jaxson Hayes: Officially an entitled idiot

    Never heard of him.
  15. MontetheCarlo

    2/2 Super Bowl: San Francisco 49ers vs Kansas City Chiefs (6:30pm) Chump was correct.
  16. MontetheCarlo

    What food will be served at your Super Bowl party?

    Smoking chicken halves. Apple juice added to water pan with pecan smoke. Memphis rub. Mac and cheese. Baked asparagus with Parmesan. Cheddar biscuits. Yuengling.
  17. MontetheCarlo

    Canton Area Restaurants

    Never had a bad sandwich at Grinders.