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  1. The Dock

    Reynoldsburg has made a hire...

    per Zach Fleer of 270Hoops, Reynoldsburg has hired Andy Moore as its new head coach. Here's a link to his coaching history: Kind of an... interesting hire? Not saying it's bad, but not too often you see...
  2. The Dock

    Interesting tidbit from Lt. Gov Husted, today

    "School-related sporting activities will be looked into for reopening. We are making procedures and policies to ensure that it will be safe." …??? OK, this is welcome news. Am surprised to hear it this early from Husted. Surprised this was the first mention of it, and not something from OHSAA.
  3. The Dock

    Some Levity in These Times...

    Warrensville Heights at Vanlue in week 1 for the 2020 is bound to be one of most delightfully ironic statewide matchups we’ll have seen in the longest time. Not at all saying they have no business playing each other, since WH generally has low numbers and Vanlue is the “Little Engine That...
  4. The Dock

    A “feel good” story from Central Ohio

    Earlier this season, Buckeye Valley sophomore Troy Scowden landed on his head and neck following a contested dunk against KIPP Columbus. He was diagnosed with a fractured skull, experienced bleeding on the brain and was hospitalized for roughly a week back in December. Tonight, he made his...
  5. The Dock

    Single Game 3-pt Record Broken Tonight

    JT Hoyng’s single game record of 16 three pointers (set vs East Knox in January 1998) has been broken. The Sparta Highland star’s feat was broken by Andre Trent of Columbus Independence tonight in a win over Columbus Cristo Rey. Made 17 threes through the first three quarters, including 11 in...
  6. The Dock

    The future of EdChoice

    The Ohio House has voted 88-7 to eliminate the EdChoice scholarship, the popular publicly-funded voucher that provided students who resided in “failing” school districts the covering of $4,600 their elementary tuition or $6,000 their high school. If the bill becomes law, not only is the program...
  7. The Dock

    2020 Mid-State League

    Any thoughts? Anyone standing in the way of Harvest Prep repeating an undefeated campaign in the MSL-Ohio? Does Worthington Christian continue on the momentum of last year’s significant season? Wide open in the Buckeye? Does the return of Tennyson Varney to HT put the Rangers in a position to...
  8. The Dock

    Central Catholic League... no more?

    Post by AHM (pretty reliable poster) in another thread suggests that Hartley, DeSales and Watterson are going to the OCC, with St Charles opting into the MSL. Anyone know more about this? Any thoughts if indeed this is happening?
  9. The Dock

    Friday Updates (Week 14)

    Trotwood-Madison converts on 3rd and 10 on a QB scramble between the tackles. Three plays later, they hit paydirt on a post route from 34 yards out. Trotwood-Madison 7 Bishop Hartley 0 10:28 left, First Quarter
  10. The Dock

    Central Ohio record(?): 37 playoff entrants

    Steve Blackledge of the Columbus Dispatch wrote that “according to calculations by Joe Eitel, a record 35 area teams will advance to the playoffs.” I counted 37, but I’m including Zanesville and Sheridan as being a part of Central Ohio. Congrats to first-time entrants Centennial, Worthington...
  11. The Dock

    Harvest Prep (9-1) vs Fisher Catholic (8-2)

    It is a privilege to make the playoffs, to play ten games with no season-ending injuries and to put on a season to remember for your fans and community. Congrats to both teams for making it this far. Last time these two met, it was 12-0 HP. Old conference foes re-unite. Two teams that...
  12. The Dock

    Marion Elgin cancels week 2

    Elgin cancels on Adena, due to only having 18 players. Some news outlets are saying it’s a forfeit win for Adena... but, they’re wrong?!
  13. The Dock

    Lancaster week 2 cancellation

    Cathedral HS of Hamilton, Ontario has cancelled their trip to Lancaster. Don’t know what the deal is — they’ve played like two or three of the past four years? Nothing against Lancaster, this just always seemed like a great idea but never actually made them better as a team.
  14. The Dock

    Lancaster Fisher Catholic

    Saw that FC hired Ben Bethel from rival Fairfield Christian as their new varsity head coach. Per Tom Wilson of the Lancaster Eagle-Gazette, Bethel went 94-10 (90.3% winning) the last four seasons at FCA - including 66(!)-straight MSL-Cardinal games whilst winning five league crowns and three...
  15. The Dock

    State Tourney Back to St. John

    Looks like it’s back at St. John Arena, per Jerry S. Awesome!
  16. The Dock

    Watterson to play at Ohio Dominican

    The Diocese of Columbus and Columbus City Schools have ended their leasing relationship for Hagley Field; so, Watterson is playing home games indefinitely at Ohio Dominican.
  17. The Dock

    Skip Mosic’s “Tonight in High School Football” (Radio)

    This has been one of my favorite fall-time traditions. Many of you know Skip for his radio work with Ohio State athletics (not entirely sure of the reach past Central Ohio on that one), but others may have heard him on the radio with a weekly call-in show during the halftime broadcast of your...
  18. The Dock

    Does Ohio establish divisions TOO early, now?

    Just a thought that I had. Given that five teams (Bishop Rosecrans, Toledo Christian, Holgate, Sandusky Saint Mary CC, and Ashtabula St John) have opted into 8-man football, there are five fewer 11-man teams in D7 now. Granted, there may not be a perfect way to police this type of situation on...
  19. The Dock

    2019 Mid-State League

    Any thoughts? Thinking that Ready, Harvest or Whitehall will take the Ohio. FC gets the Cardinal, and probably another logjam at the top in the Buckeye.
  20. The Dock

    Lancaster Fisher Catholic

    Word from multiple different sources is that Coach Faulkner is retiring from FC and that the job is open. Should expect a great deal of candidates relatively speaking. Plenty of experienced alumni, plenty of locals wanting to get into a good high school gig. Great tradition, good talent, and...