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    Coach Gentry wasn’t lying

    After Steve Gentry’s season ended in districts last year when his deer park team lost he said 100% they will be back at state next year. Well he wasn’t lying. Seems him and his staff went hard on the recruiting trail this off season. I counted 4-5 new faces on their squad yesterday and let’s so...
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    Should a Principal or high ranking admin be allowed to coach a varsity sport? If so is there a large advantage?
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    Division 3 UD district.

    As anticipated everyone kinda did what they could to avoid Anna and Purcell as much as they could. Heard Madison had the misfortune of showing late to the draw and got skipped so now will more than likely meet Purcell in the district final. Another intersting game could be a rematch between Deer...
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    Top 10 all Division Cincinnati

    1. Moeller - Haven't been beat in forever. Easy Choice. Match up with Purcell looming 2/9. Be a good one 2. Purcell Marian- won 12 in a row, 4 double digit wins in a row on the road against very good teams 3. Taft- hard to pick between them and Purcell, very very good 4. Lakota East- Could slide...
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    Slap on the Wrist is an Over Statement

    An article here in Cincinnati came out last week and went its seems unnoticed to a point. Heres the article The part about kettering Alter...
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    The Joke that is Competitive Balance

    New numbers are coming out soon and i just wanted to take this time to address again how big of a joke it is. What exactly is it balancing? Basically all it is was a knee jerk reaction to small closed district public schools complaining they cant compete because of their student pool. Explain to...
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    Tourney Draw Sunday Cincy

    Tourney Draw is this Sunday for boys. Who's your top 5 in cincy in each division? Mine: D1 Moeller Princeton Walnut Oak Hills Mason/East depending who wins friday D2 McNick Hughes Taft Summit Fenwick D3 Deer Park Purcell NCH Madiera -Could be 10 different teams
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    Seen a lot of talks about all the Cincy leagues but none on the MVC. Which seems to be wide open this year. Lots of interesting teams. How’s it play out? Heard Summit and Clark look to be ok, how bout CHCA with new coach. Who have they played? How are they looking?
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    GCL Breakdown

    Practice is starting Friday. Hows this season play out in the GCL North, Central and South top to bottom. Here my Picks North Alter-returning decent guys just always hard to handle Carroll- returning a lot from last season, could split with Alter CJ- Hard to replace a guy like Montague, but...
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    Rule Clarification please

    What are the OHSAA rules for a high school coach coaching the same kids in AAU games or practices?
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    Officials during this years tourney

    Would like to know people's perspectives on the job the officials have done so far during the tourney. All the games I've seen I would give about a D rating. Actually sat next to a ref evaluator at a district finals and he gave the crew an F. Biggest problem I've seen is for some reason...
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    Be a Fan not a Fanatic

    I attended the Purcell v Bethel District Final last night at UD arena. Was a great game for a while. Behtel was up 24-22 at half, then Purcell wins second half 38-11. Final score was 60-35. Bethel only scored one field goal in the second half, 9 of their 11 were free throws. Impressive, but...
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    Southwest ohio tourney

    With the tourney officially starting, who are your district champs in each division in southwest ohio and moving on to regionals?
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    D4 poll

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    D3 poll

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    D2 poll

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    Latest D1 poll

    Latest D1 poll
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    State polls

    When are state polls released? Where are they available at? Make a case for your team here
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    Transfer violation Punishment????

    A cincy team in the last week was turned in for playing an ineliegble transfer in their first game. Instead of having him sit 11 games.The kid was declared eligible by ohsaa based on change of address, which turned out to be false. The kids previous school turned them in. The kid is now ineligbe...
  20. Y Week one ranking Div2-4

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