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    2020 Predictions & favorites

    Columbus DeSales has moved back down to D2 making them I would think the favorites next to Bay. CCD moves to D3 Summit Country Day stays D2 Dayton Carroll stays D1
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    State Cup

    Seems like a majority of the 02 and 01 talent in the Cincinnati region can be found at CUP so I would think they would be in the running. I believe there are also some strong Cincy Elite teams and TFA teams in the area.
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    2020 Predictions & favorites

    I’ll add in my thoughts D1: Moeller and Lakota East both lose some very good talent out of their senior class. I believe both Mason and St. X were younger which makes me believe they will be tough once again this year. One team I know very little about is my top 4: Moeller, Mason, St. X...
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    2020 Predictions & favorites

    Let’s try and get this back on track... Any thoughts on favorites for 2020?
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    the Anderson coach is a coach at KHA, the newly hired Middletown coach is the DOC of his own club, and this is all only on the boys side. Kids and families will rarely make a move to transfer schools if it is not for the best interest of the kid at a holistic level. HS soccer will not get these...
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    2019 All Stars

    D1 Player of the Year: Parker Grinstead, Moeller Coach of the Year: Mike Welker, Moeller First Team Ben Damge, Mason Parker Grinstead, Moeller Cole Harter, Loveland Parker Crowell, Lakota East Connor Ammon, Elder Kade Tepe, Moeller Logan Ayer, Mason Andrew Blank, Springboro Trey Shetler, Turpin...
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    Club/HS Coaches

    Do many of the HS coaches coach club or is it usually a one or the other thing?
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    Cincy Teams - Best Chance at a State Title?

    I didn’t see the foul in the box or the game but did see the two goals from the videos below. Neither looked offside from this angle. As for teams advancing with a long throw, like it or not it’s a part of high school soccer. Until they start playing these bigger games on wider fields teams...
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    Cincy Teams - Best Chance at a State Title?

    Great insight. Wyoming and Moeller are the two teams I believe can do it if any. However, I would bet Cincinnati does not have a team bring back a title this year (no SCD!)
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    11/2 Regional Final Predictions

    D1 Moeller vs Lakota East - Moeller’s OT luck ends. Lakota East’s attack becomes too much. Kilbourne vs Olentangy Liberty - They’ll go on to win state. Milford vs St.Ignatius - Awesome to have 3 Cincinnati teams in regionals but this is where it ends for Milford. Canton Hoover vs Medina -...
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    Top Teams: D1, D2, D3 Cincy/Dayton

    Ha! Lucky guess. Game comes down to Wyoming’s tough defense against Tipp’s dangerous throw. If they can minimize opportunities and keep the ball in play Wyoming has a fighting chance.
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    2019 OHSAA Boys Soccer Regional Pairings

    should be two good games. Hoping Mariemont, Seven Hills, and Wyoming make it out of their games alive.
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    Cincy Teams - Best Chance at a State Title?

    I think Moeller has the best shot out of all the D1 teams left if they can get past Olentangy Liberty in the state semifinals. With only one D2 team remaining I think it’s hard to bet on Cincy having a representative but do think they have the fire power to make it. State title over Bay? Not...
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    2019 OHSAA Boys Soccer Regional Pairings

    Wow. That is an incredible stat.
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    Cincy Teams - Best Chance at a State Title?

    Still 8 teams from Cincy alive in tournament play. Who do you believe has the best chance of playing in and winning a state title game? D1 Moeller, St. X, Elder, Milford, Lakota East D2 Wyoming D3 Mariemont, Seven Hills
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    Regional Semi-Final predictions

    I don’t know much about a lot of the teams so I’ll just comment on what I know D1 Moeller vs St.Xavier - Moeller wins 2-0 for their third W over St. X this season. Lakota East vs Elder - Lakota East wins 2-0 to make it a tremendous regional final with Moeller. D2 Wyoming vs Monroe -...
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    Scores Saturday 10/26/19 (District Finals)

    Thanks for all the updates. Awesome!!!
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    Which District final game are you attending?!

    Moeller Mason will be a great one. I’d love to see St. X Carroll or Lakota East Beavercreek as well. Some great games scheduled at the same time tonight!
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    OHSAA: District Final Match Ups

    I will take silence as everyone agreeing 😂
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    OHSAA: District Final Match Ups

    My predictions Moeller vs Mason - Moeller makes up for their tie and wins 1-0. Milford vs Springboro - Milford’s attack is dangerous and they’re clicking right now. 3-1 Milford. Beavercreek vs Lakota East - Lakota East wins a district title in a thrilling OT win. Elder vs Centerville -...