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    Class of 2019 college commits

    Always fun to see where this years crop of Ohio’s standout high school golfers are moving onto the next level! Post em: Kyle Schmidt- Lakota East- U of Dayton Oscar Zimmerman- St. Xavier- Santa Clara University
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    Cincinnati Mt. Healthy player back after transferring

    Really interesting choice of athletes for the “heart and hustle” article this week:
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    Lacrosse- how is your team handling conferences?

    Now that that the inaugural year of Lacrosse being an official OHSAA sport is done, how many teams are in conferences that recognize lacrosse as part of their league? Are they forming new leagues for lax only? Just curious about how that is working for others. As of now, the GCL (Cincinnati-...
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    Ms. Basketball 2018

    Since this came up on another thread and the post season is beginning thought it would be good to get the debate started! Play nice- stay positive when talking about these impressive young ladies please. You can praise your favorite player without bashing another one!
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    Winton Woods?

    Maybe I missed it on here, but Winton Woods just beat Cov Cath and nothing is said?! How does a team that lost to Lakota West beat a top team in the area? Did they just add a bunch of players suddenly?
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    Cincinnati area Girls Basketball 2017-18

    Practices have been going on (officially) now for a couple of weeks and the first games are right around the corner- how's it shaping up here in the Nati? Preseason polls show the 3 usual D1 powerhouses- Lakota west; 2017 state Champ Mount Notre Dame; and Mason- as the early favorites. Each of...
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    Moeller Basketball 2017-18

    While everyone else handles the post-mortem of the football season, it's a great time to look towards this years Moeller basketball team. Coming off an undefeated regular season and a state finals game appearance, the crazy question has to be asked- is this team better than last years? It's...
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    Payback McLaughlin named LaSalle head football coach

    wow- great hire
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    Moeller Basketball 2016-17

    With two of the top senior Crusaders basketball players signing their NLI yesterday (Keegan McDowell- Liberty; Ryland Voss- Cornell), thought it was time to start the thread for this year. Lots of experienced players coming back from last year, and some good, young talent coming in/moving up...
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    Class of 2016 playing College Golf next year

    Seems like there are a solid number of class of 2016 grads getting a shot at the next level. Which kids from your area will be playing college golf?
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    The Road to State

    With the regular season winding down, we start post-season this week for D2-3 and for D1 next week. How is it looking in your area...?
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    Signing Day Criteria

    Saw on Twitter that Walnut Hills included Macio Teague in their signing day this week. He is going to do a prep year at Monte Verde academy in Florida. Was anyone else surprised that was considered a "signing"? Do the prep academies use Letters of intent like colleges?
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    Multiple players from several teams suspended by OHSAA

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    Cincinnati Enquirer lists 25 players to watch this season Think they got it right?
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    state qualifiers

    Post them when they make it!