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    State Tournament Games - Friday

    What's with the delay in Akron right now? Bad weather, or did an earlier game run late?
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    First Soccer Style Kickers

    I am researching the first soccer style kickers in the NFL, college and high school. In professional football, Pete Gogolak was the first such kicker with the AFL’s Bills in 1964. However, I also came across Illinois halfback Paul Douglass, who after graduating Illinois tried out for the New...
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    2017 Press Pros Magazine Sportsman of the Year Congrats to Minster's Geron Stokes
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    Spectrum Broadcasts

    What did everyone think of the Spectrum broadcasts of the games? I have only seen the D7 game, and it wasn't bad. I am spoiled as it was maybe a step below the top crew on the WOSN broadcasts, especially as related to replays which were not as frequent or as good. However, my main lasting...
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    Purchase DVD's of Championship Games?

    Since we can't watch or record the championships games, and since the contract won't allow local station to replay the games at a later time, is there at least a way we can purchase a DVD of the various state championship games?
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    Riverview East Academy @ Dayton Jefferson Score?

    Anyone know the final score of the Riverview East Academy @ Dayton Jefferson game from Friday night? Joe Eitel doesn't even have it.
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    Cincinnati College Prep at Riverview East Academy

    Does anyone know if these teams actually played this game this weekend? And what the result was?
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    Football Fort Recovery vs. Mogadore Updates - Friday (12/04/15)

    This game might be over already.
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    Help With Missing Scores

    Anyone know the results of the following games: Tipp City Bethel vs Casstown Miami East Columbus Centennial vs Columbus Linden McKinley Cincinnati Oyler vs Cincinnati College Prep Academy