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    Franklin/SWBL Baseball

    How are things looking with the Wildcats ? Who should be the Favorites in both divisions this season? Who are the players to watch?
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    D-1 Is It a down year in Dayton Districts?

    Comments ? Who Will Get seeded?
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    SWBL College Recruits

    What player(s) does your favorite school have that may be recruited or that you think should be recruited?
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    Edgewood Cougars at Franklin Wildcats ! Thoughts?

    Both had convincing wins last week and Franklin has home field advantage. Could go down to the wire.
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    Franklin Wildcat Football 2019

    Baseball just getting started, but not long until summer football work-outs. I know the 'Cats have a lot coming back and I look forward to the season. My big question however is where is Ryan Montgomery going to play? I see he is not on the Bearcats roster.
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    Swbl hoops

    Basketball is just around the corner. Who has high hopes for the upcoming season? I know Brookville has a lot returning, but will it be enough to dethrone co-champs Franklin and Bellbrook?
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    Franklin Wildcats 17/18

    Franklin looking like they may be the class of SWBL Southwestern Division once again. They are playing defense, with rotating personnel in and out constantly. After 4 games there are 4 players avg. Double figures and a fifth with 9. The team average is 80 a game. They have Edgewood Tues. and...
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    No minutes for Luke in the opener, but Johnson had 40 mins. and was 0 for 13 from the field!! Can someone explain that to me? :confused:
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    Franklin @ Piqua

    Franklin makes the trip up I-75 to Piqua for a huge game in Region 12. Points on the line and Piqua looking to get back at the 'Cats. Franklin coming off of a romp of Edgewood and Piqua gave Trotwood all they could handle. I look for a great game here,both teams have some...
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    15/16 Franklin Wildcats

    The Franklin Wildcats have won the 1st four games to open the season ,2 of which are SWBL SW division league games. The 2 league wins give the 'Cats 50 straight swbl conference wins. The roster has only 2 seniors on it.They are playing hard and coach Bales is routinely running players in and out...
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    Eaton 2015 Eagle Football

    Ron Neanon has retired after a good 27 year run,and now Brad Davis takes over after 10+ years as an asst to Neanon,mostly as a DC.So what will he bring to the table with this years edition of Eagle football.I know that there are several starters returning on both sides of the ball.On O you have...
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    Eaton Athletics/Baseballt

    There is a very nice website for swbl teams.It lists all of the schools with schedules,stats ,etc. It seems that Eaton just doesn't care to share their individual stats with those that may be interested
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    Best team in Dayton?

    Who is the top team in Dayton? Alter? Centerville?Wayne? All 3 look strong! Could Alter play with the big boys, can Elks handle Warriors team speed?
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    2014/15 schedules

    Where can I find schedules for the upcoming season,Dayton,cinci region?
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    If a girl plays on boys team do they play from ladies or men's tees?
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    Swbl /sw divison

    I see that there are a few changes in the schedules this fall for the sw div. Franklin adds old mml for Edgewood,Eaton drops P Shawnee and adds Carlisle and B Brook adds Delaware Buckeye Valley.Franklin and Bellbrook both go to Eaton in wk 4&5 . They had been weeks 7&8 for years. Week 10 is at VV .
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    Mo vs. Franklin today 1:45

    Looks like no radio or web coverage of this game today.Anybody there that would care to keep those of us back in snowy Ohio informed
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    Franklin at Beach Ball Classic !

    Franklin will be at the Beach Ball Classic after Christmas,the 1st game being Fri.night at 8:45 against Mullins,S.C. Mullins is currently 5-1 on the season.Franklin has defending B B Classic MVP in Luke Kennard and Evan Crowe leading the way. I would be surprised if both are not in the 3 pt...
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    Sw Ohio

    If Moeller and Marion local defend that would be 4 of 7 State Champs out of SW Ohio!!:thumb:
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    Eaton 2014 Eagles Football

    Eaton had a decent year 2013,but that's behind them. I think they have a good nucleus back led by Damon Willard who had 1400 yds rushing .also return beare ,Reynolds ,eiler,z.spears,d .spears,Howard,George,hammock,just to name a few. They will be breaking in a new qb and a couple of d backs but...