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  1. WarriorDee

    Breakfast for Supper or Supper for Breakfast?

    Almost like Bavarian Frühschoppen
  2. WarriorDee

    Who's your high School All- Time Squad?

    What about Nick D'Angelo?
  3. WarriorDee

    Urbana University To Cease Operations

    John Carroll University fared pretty well on the list.
  4. WarriorDee

    Benedictine 2020

    That sucks.
  5. WarriorDee

    Benedictine 2020

    Auggie, what about Maple Heights? Seating Capacity: 5000
  6. WarriorDee

    Benedictine 2020

    Understood Fr Willie ... But I would believe that the Coach probably does have the ear of both the AD and the Business Manager. One question, isn't that also VASJ's home field as well?
  7. WarriorDee

    Benedictine 2020

    Thank you for your response Fr. Willie. While I understand that you would prefer Euclid, I have to wonder what would Jeff Rotsky's thoughts be on Benedictine playing on his home turf?
  8. WarriorDee

    Benedictine 2020

    Auggie on the football stadium side of things, what about striking a deal with Maple Heights on renting their football stadium?
  9. WarriorDee

    Weirdest things you've eaten

    Hot Souse (Head Cheese) at the Norwood Cafe in 1981 ... as a poor semi-drunk XU student.
  10. WarriorDee

    Benedictine 2020

    Good to see you Auggie. Have the Bengals narrowed down their stadium search as of yet? Maple Heights an option? You are probably correct on my Warriors, LOL.
  11. WarriorDee

    Benedictine 2020

    Case Western Reserve's Stadium?
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    These aren't bad (Cleveland area):
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    Wealthiest School Districts in Ohio

    Pepper Orange I believe and Gates Mills is in with Mayfield Heights?
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    Japan, has it's share of off beat Metal bands. This one was the number one Metal band in Japan a few years ago.
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    Donating a Car?