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    Lion86 knows it all and everyone should bow down

    Looks like this is a game in which both teams feel they can win. Canton South comes off a blowout win over Akron North while Minerva limps in after being blown out by Beaver Local. This post is NOT about critiquing the Minerva coaches or bashing the losing streak. If you have any good insight...
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    Beaver Local (1-1) At Minerva (0-2)

    Thoughts on this match up that will be played in Minerva. Both teams are in D4, Region 13. Seems to be setting up as a competitive game. Beaver defeated D6 LaBrae but lost to D2 Kenmore- Garfield. Both were relatively low scoring games. Beaver has scored 29 pts and allowed 33. Minerva has...
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    Minerva (0-1) @ Sandy Valley (1-0)

    Sandy Valley beat Fairless 28-10 and Minerva fell to United 28-22 in week one. Thoughts, analysis, or positive football comments welcome... If you are just going to bash or be ignorant please find somewhere else. Sandy seems to be a favorite here as they have one of the areas top QB's. Minerva...
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    Eastern Buckeye Conference 18-19

    Just wanted to get this going... a new year and a new conference! First year for the EBC and wanted to get thoughts on top players, top teams, coaching changes, preseason chatter.... West Branch- maybe best team...returns Leone, Zuchowski, Everett, and others. Very balanced and great point...
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    EBC (formerly NBC) coaching openings

    Currently 3 of the 7 schools do NOT have a coach..... Any word from Canton South, Salem, or Carrollton in their searches for new leaders?
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    East district d2

    20 teams in this district. This year there are 2-ten team brackets. Indian Valley and Zanesville are really good! John Glenn and Meadowbrook are solid. Thoughts on seeding, favorites, or sleepers? Here is the field- 1. Beaver 2. Cambridge 3. Carrollton 4. Claymont 5. East...
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    NBC---Northeastern Buckeye Conference

    Thoughts on the upcoming season? Frontrunners to win the league? Best players? Quick look.... Alliance with Sarrick Sampson and all those young athletes. Louisville is loaded with shooters and young, hungry players. Salem returns POY candidate Mitch Davidson and many other weapons. WB has...
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    Minerva (0-7) @ Salem (4-3)

    The Lions hit the road this week as they seek to break a 27 game losing streak, dating back to 2014. Salem sits a game above .500 and currently 9th in D4 Region 13. Minerva has trouble scoring... 21 total points over last 4 weeks (5.3 ppg) while Salem cant stop anyone lately... 117 points...
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    Claymont (3-1) AT Sandy Valley (1-3)

    Any thoughts/ info on this game..... I havent seen Claymont play, so not sure how good that 3-1 record is.... any insight from either team would be appreciated.
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    Northeastern Buckeye Conf. (NBC)

    Current standings: Salem 4-0, 1-0 (5th in D4, R13) Canton South 4-0, 1-0 (7th in D4, R13) Alliance 3-1, 1-0 (8th in D3, R9) Louisville 1-3, 1-0 (20th in D3, R9) Marlington 2-2, 0-1 (15th in D3, R9) West Branch 1-3, 0-1 (17th in D3, R9) Carrollton...
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    Canton South (3-0) @ Minerva (0-3)

    Canton South will play its third opponent in 4 weeks that currently sit 0-3. The defense has been outstanding giving up less than 10 ppg. The Wildcats currently sit 7th in Div 4 Region 13. Minerva and their much talked about 23 game losing streak will be at home for the second week in a row...
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    Indian Valley @ Minerva

    A very solid IV team comes to Minerva this Friday. From what I have read, they really run the ball well and are pretty solid in all phases. Minerva comes off a heart-stopping 3 OT loss @SV and has seen the consecutive loss total climb to 22 games. Any chance this is the week to stop the slide...