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    Glen Oak

    It's a shame all these things went down GlenOak could have had a long tourney run with these girls, now the run is over for these girls and for Ryan Hill and the Knights
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    Marlington 8-1 vs Alliance 6-3

    Backyard brawl will decide all the marbles again....should be a good one!
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    Alliance's Duce Johnson rushes for 461

    Duce Johnson runs for 461 yards and 6 TDs in Alliance's 70-40 win over Salem....
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    Warren Harding and Ellet updates

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    Northeastern Buckeye Conference

    Right around the corner....who you got?
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    Creston DIV District

    St. Thomas completely shut Mapleton out for almost 13 minutes to claim a 39-20 win at Norwayne High was tied 20-20 when St Thomas went on a 19-0 run....
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    Nicole Newman - St Thomas 1000 pts

    Nicole scored her 1001 pt last night against the Elms...Nicole has been a double -double performer for 4 years....Congrats! Nicole
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    Northeastern Buckeye Conf...2014-15

    By now there would have been a little talk about the conference...havent heard or seen a thing about the teams....OK NBC'er lets go! basketball is almost here.... Did see Alliance and new coach play Smithville and United....the Aviators held their own with both teams..much improved
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    Alliance D1 updates

    I will do updates as i get them... First game Yo East vs Boardman
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    Northeastern Buckeye Conference 2013

    Alot of players returning should be a better year in the league....
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    Northeastern Buckeye Conf finals

    West Branch 21.Louisville 17 Marlington 14 Canton South 0 Minerva 31 Salem 19 And the big upset Alliance 33 Carrollton 14 Wow!!!!!
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    CJ McCollum

    Akron and Kent said he couldn't play for them.....LOLOLOLOLOL
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    The covered stands!!!!!

    I am not a season ticket holder but I go to the Alliance games when I can....I was very disappointed last Friday at Mt Union Stadium, when I brought a ticket for the covered stands to find out I was surrounded by Louisville fans...Why are the opposing fans allowed to sit under the roof...
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    Sandy's freshman vs GlenOak

    Just wanted to say you should be proud of the heart your freshmen shown vs GlenOak yesterday...Although outmatched, the young Cardinals NEVER QUIT!!!! We at GlenOak appreciated the Cardinals filling an open date we had on our schedule....We wish you nothing but success.....
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    New look???

    Delonne Freeman was sporting a red helmet...will that be the new look this year,,,ie '60's and '70's...I like it:crush:
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    East - West game

    The Alliance connection did a fantastic job in the East 24-0 dismantle of the West..Delone Freeman, Joe Lilley and Luke Stuchell did a greaT JOB !!Was a little disappointed the Jerry Williams didn't play....What happened???
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    Green 10 Alliance 0

    We took it on the chin last night in girls soccer....To have a city program and get pounded like that all year..Its time for Newman to step down...