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    subs coming off the field

    Just a minor gripe here, but I wish the officials association would realize that HS games are not professional games with 3 subs the entire game. To waste 15-20 seconds for every sub coming off the field by making the incoming player wait is just stupid. How much time is wasted over the course...
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    What High Schools team play the beautiful game?

    I am curious. For those of you (refs mainly) who see a lot of different teams in a season, what HS teams would you say play the game the way it was meant to be played? I am not talking about teams that win on physical soccer, set plays, flip throws, corners, etc. One could argue that set...
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    State CUP/HS training rules

    Can anyone clarify for me the rules concerning a player playing in regional/national summer club competition and summer HS training? What exactly can they do with HS if they are still in club play? Thanks in advance.
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    Private training current team members

    Just curious what people think of a coach accepting payment for private training players on his current roster. Ethical or not?
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    Flick headers

    Maybe it is a coincidence, but it seems like a LOT of goals I have seen lately in HS soccer are coming off of flick headers. 3 of the 5 goals in the Loveland/St. X game, along with several other goals I have seen in the last two weeks. Many off of throw-ins.
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    Where is the discussion?

    Why aren't there posts about the tourney on here? Have the few people on this board who turn every thread into a OE vs. CUP vs. DA argument killed this forum?
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    For all the refs and site managers out there.... What are the rules and ethical considerations for horns during high school games? At a recent game a fan was blowing a very loud horn just before every free kick for the visiting team. I'm interested to hear what the site manager's role should...
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    Enquirer Coverage

    This may be a dead horse on this forum..... but is the Cinti Enquirer coverage of girls soccer always this bad? I ended my subscription years ago, but now that my kids are playing HS soccer I went out to buy a paper today to look at some scores and find out who scored goals, only to find 5...