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    Track and Field relay question

    I'm wondering if my memory is correct or not. I remember as a kid watching the olympics even as late as 88 when Butch Reynolds anchored the 4x400 and I think they just random drew the lane assignments. USA won from lane 2 or something. I remember them being in lane 8 or 9 too. In high school, I...
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    What will next year and years after look like?

    What do you think private school enrollment figures will look like going forward? Will people be able to afford the price tag or will the private schools have to run in the red for a while to keep enrollment up? Is there the capacity for public schools to properly handle a big influx of kids...
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    CVNP - Things that make it the best invitational in the state.

    Is it the inconvenient parking 2 miles from the course? The way it takes you back to your childhood riding a packed bus up and down hills and around curves with the heat cranked and no air? The way it forces you to make decisions like port-o-potty or the woods! The 18 foot difference between...
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    Issue with the pole vault

    I was going to write to Dale Gabor/ OHSAA about pole vault poles and ask why we can't move to a multiple weight rating on poles. We vault and have pretty good vaulters at times. However, we do not have the pole stash or the money to purchase every pole we might need. We have purchased poles...
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    Injuries and Athletic trainers

    It has gotten to a point where our athletic trainer determines workouts more than I do as a coach. Our CC kids seem to be able to get through a season without constant visits to the trainer. However, our kids from other sports are constant fixtures in the trainers room. I can't do more to have...
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    Who makes Varsity

    I got into this a little last year and would like to again. How do schools/coaches determine who to give Varsity Letters too? It's obvious for the top 7, but do you just leave it at that? At our Conference, we might have 17-20 boys that would be top 7 on any other team in the League. Should...
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    NE Regional Meet

    I have been to the other Regional meets over the years. It's been a long time since I was at Pickerington, so it might have changed. The awards ceremony and announcing of results etc. at Boardman are terrible. Especially in comparison to the other 3 Regional meets. The concession trailers need...
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    Interesting situation

    In North Carolina, they do things differently than up here. They just go Regional and then the state meet. They take 4 teams minimum from each regional and then may add a team or two based on 25% formula. So teams may chose to show up to the Regional or not. If 8 teams show, 4 go. But if 20...
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    D2 Boys - State

    Heath looks very Strong coming out of the Regional. Shelby looks just as Strong. $V$M, Bay and Woodridge are very good as well, with Bay slipping a bit after making it real tight at the District. Is Shelby the favorite based on such a good top 2? $V$M might have as good a top 2 and Woodridge...
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    Today vs Yesterday

    I just got back from a meet where Woodridge, Crestwood, Field and Rootstown ran against each other. Nice little meet. When I ran in the 80's it would have been a dual meet, but that is a thing of the past and it's now super duals where you get the league stuff out of the way early and in one...
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    Disturbing trend IMO

    Saw a team not win a team state title or at worst get second because they would not double athletes or put best relays out on the track. Was told they are more interested in breaking records than winning as a team. Also sacrificed relays so that runners were not in more than one race in a day...
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    Not diggin' field events at Jesse Owens Stadium

    For the most part, I was stuck in the stands for this years state meet and this made watching any of the field events terrible. No one around me knew any heights at the PV or HJ. We were all clueless as to what was going on at the LJ. Shot and Disc ,as always, are just results. I usually walk...
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    Woodridge cutting teaching positions and some sports

    Because of Levy's not passing in the Woodridge Local school district the past few years, teaching positions will be cut and eliminated and sports will be cut to near OHSAA minimums per season. Cross Country Boys and girls, Golf Boys and Girls and Girls Tennis are eliminated effective...
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    Polls going into the Regional races

    I don't even know where to start. I hope to look at these after Saturday and especially after the State meet. I think they get worse each week and each year.
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    Tanking the Conference Championship

    There are some coaches / schools that I notice do not take their conference championship seriously and just simply tank it. Purposely put kids in a position of failure. Disrespect the conference and the sport in my opinion. How do the AD's allow this to go on? These are teams that should win...
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    Get off my lawn

    My annual, What is wrong with people rant. While at Galion I actually heard two coaches complaining that it was unfair that the start was up hill. I also heard that the course was so poorly marked that it was hard for the kids to follow. How much easier can it be made to follow? Was hit with a...
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    OHSAA Early season meet

    Looks like a pretty good meet this year. Some big boy teams will be there and it gets the season started. Only one week until the real start of the season with many meets kicking it off. Can't believe Milton Union isn't there scoping out the course for later on.
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    Things that puzzled me from District to State

    I must first admit that I had 2 pole vaulters qualify to the state meet that both Push the poles instead of carry. They both finished dead last, but getting to the state meet was the goal. My boy vaulter does not handle pressure well and had he been able to just do what he had done the 2 weeks...
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    Pole Vault Safety Collar

    Are there actual studies showing where the safety collar is safer than not having the wings that protrude into the box? Just my observation, but I've seen more misplants as a result of the safety collar than I did before it's use. I'm not saying it's more dangerous than not having it, because I...