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    Regional games being streamed tonight and this week please post here!

    Can people post on this thread where Regional games are being streamed. Thank you. I haven't seen any yet
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    Warren JFK Opening

    Do they Eagles have anyone on Staff to replace Bayuk?
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    D3 Bedford District

    Fairview and Warrensville Heights should be the #1 & #2 Seed and clear favorites to win the District. Does Crestwood, Beachwood, or Kirtland have a shot at making it out of Bedford?
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    When will the districts come out?

    Anyone know when teams assigned to what district will come out?
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    Are the Regional games streamed anywhere?

    Please let me know where if so.
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    Why did Cusick from Crestview resign?

    Any update here? Any early candidates?
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    Warren JFK fans what are your thoughts

    Did you see the twins from Windham that transferred to Crestwood are at it again. If you haven't seen the video of one of the twin's taking out an Elyria Catholic player Friday check it out its sad. Yes the same brothers that cussed out your principal and AD. These brothers need to learn a...
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    PTC Small school off season favorites...

    With Crestwood coming into the small school portion of the conference and Mogadore losing a lot of talent could they be the favorites in 2015? The Boro moving up helps a lot as well. What does Southeast have coming back? Rootstown won't compete for league title but could beat a lousy coached...
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    Has Newton Falls hired anyone?

    All is quiet
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    Who would you pick out of these guys for Massillon?

    Tiger Laverde, Jeff Rotsky, Rick Finnotti,Ted Ginn,Art Bortnick, or Triv from Mentor. I know this is far fetched and not possible but if I had the choice if these guys I would pick Tiger Laverde I think he is the best coach in the area. Like a said I know this isn't realistic or factual at all...
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    Whatever happened to old Mckinley Coach Kerry Hodaekivic

    Whatever happend to the old Coach at McKinley Kerry Hodackavic? Also anyone know where his brother is coaching?
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    Did Chalker hire a new Coach?

    Did Chalker hire a new coach yet? Surprised me that Ryan Sloan resigned after making the playoffs just two years ago. Did he get another job?
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    NCL Prediction

    Bennie The Bengals have to be the favorite. With all that talent coming back it looks like the rest of the teams are playing for 2nd place. Hopefully the head coaches ego doesn't get in the way. That could be the only thing stopping this team from making a deep playoff run. Hoban with that...
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    Coach Tom Sporich??

    Anyone know where Tom Sporich is coaching these days?
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    NAC Football preseason Rankings.

    1Grand Valley 2Mathews 3PV 4Chalker 5Windham 6Ledgemont 7Newbury... Grand valley has to be the favorites being 2x defending champs. Mathews has a lot coming back and will contend for title. PV and Chalker both will be decent followed up by Windham Ledgemont and Newbury
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    Old Crestwood coach Hannan headed to Newbury.

    Hannan is headed to Geauga county and be the next head coach at Newbury