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    Ohio Club Teams 2019

    Air city and Tool city are showing up in 17s and 18s. Vanguard, OP, and attack are the gold teams in each group. CVA 15s are competing in 16s open. Top out l of region top teams are fury, pvc, and Indy academy. really like Tennessee k2c2 but they only have teamsin 14 and 16.
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    Cincinnati club teams

    Day 2 update- Attack 18-1 beat OP 18-1 in gold semis in 3. All games decided by 2. Be interesting to see where coaching takes each team through season. Attack 18 beat attack 17 in pool play in 2. Attack 16s finished 3rd, CVA15s beat Attack 15s in 2 playing subs, lost to Attack 16-2s in 3...
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    Cincinnati club teams

    Midwest point series day 1 update - OP 18-1 beat Attack 18-1, OP 17-1 beat Attack 17-1. Attack 16-1 beat Op 16-1. CVA 15-1 seem to be top 15s as Attack 15-1 are winless. CVA seems to be experimenting with talented depth. Congrats to OP Anitra on USAV/OVR recognition.
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    Cincinnati club teams

    Purple, Your name might suggest an affiliation with OP as they are Purple and White. Are you trolling? My two cents from what I saw posted on tryout results: OP - Posted 14 teams but several looked like 5-7 players deep. Their strength will be their 18s Purple as it basically brought back a...
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    Cincinnati club teams

    CVA will indeed be hit hard by OP, I can’t see them with U17 or U18 teams. Attack also lost last years u14 and u16 coaches to OP and they lost Matt as youth coordinator. OP will have great facility and structure. Interestingly IMO the most accomplished returning age group will be the U15...
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    Arguing that teams are beating each other up isn’t arguing it is good soccer. My observation is that SW Ohio girls soccer isn’t as good as previous years. Whether it is good enough to win state will be seen. And of course there are elite players. It seemed in previous years that multiple...
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    Fish, I agree with you on the state of SW Ohio d1girls soccer. From what I’ve seen and heard it isn’t a very high level this year. Now, OE has 3 HS teams with some top end talent and a lot of girls that would certainly bring quality depth to varsity teams. CU also has a team. There were...
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    Notable Games Sep. 9-14

    Fluffer, I agree with you. I think most coaches do see what is happening early. This is why feels 8-0 feels like stat padding when you leave starters in. I have seen it, done it, and experienced it when during a lopsided event the best players get subbed out or moved to a different position...
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    Fall HS Season

    Coach, With all due respect you crucified girls who chose not to play high school in postings not more than 3 weeks ago. It was personal. With respect to this topic I have yet to hear from a top player “I can’t wait to play for my high school coach”. I have heard that they are excited to play...
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    2018 High School Season

    The blog has been silent for a while. Club season is well underway with HS open gyms in progress. Let's discuss the upcoming season. Regional Updates - Who are the teams to beat in each region? Impact of reclassification - Mt Vernon to D1, Lasalle to D2 What are the State Tourney Regional...
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    State Poll 4/16

    D1 1. - St. Xavier (19) - 229 2. - Archbishop Moeller (3) - 206 3. - Elder (2) - 189 4. - Hilliard Darby - 136 5. - St. Ignatius - 125 6. - Westerville South - 108 7. - Beavercreek - 106 8. - Lakota East - 66 9. - Northmont - 46 10- Olentangy - 36 ..... Centerville - 30 ..... Hilliard Davidson -...