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    2/28 Tournament Scores

    D1 Cincinnati Lakota West 81 Princeton 71 final score in overtime.
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    YSU Football HC Replacing Pelini

    Don Treadwell was an unmitigated disaster at Miami. No way he should've ever been considered. Montgomery though better when he was at Miami wasn't very good either. I can understand concerns about Tyrell and being a High School coach but Montgomery and especially Treadwell are not the answer in...
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    Xavier basketball 2019/2020

    Another debacle at Marquette. This team needs to get its act together and quick. Absolutely pathetic performance. A complete embarrassment.
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    GMC Basketball 2019-2020

    You got that right. Epic collapse and it’s happened 3 straight years in games against Oak Hills played at West. All 3 years they had leads in the 4th quarter and all 3 times they blew it. This was by far the worst. 5 missed free throws down the stretch and then throw the bell away with a chance...
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    12/21 Scores

    Lakota West 99 Fairborn 56
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    12/17 Scores

    LaSalle 67 Lakota West 57
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    2020 Lasalle Lancers

    Lol you have never won a State Championsip on the field, Congrats on beating Firestone and Glen Oak lol.
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    12/11 Scores

    Lakota West 53 Oak Hills 35
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    Division II - Region 8 Championship: La Salle (10-2) vs. Harrison (11-1)

    Pick 6 LaSalle. 40 yard extra point by Ohio State signee Seibert, who also boomed a 48 yard field goal with plenty to spare,good after a couple of side line warning penalties and a procedure backed the kick up 45-0 LaSalle at the half. Complete and total beat down. Harrison was more competitive...
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    Division II - Region 8 Championship: La Salle (10-2) vs. Harrison (11-1)

    14-0 LaSalle 1st qtr. This is getting ugly fast.
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    Division II - Region 8 Championship: La Salle (10-2) vs. Harrison (11-1)

    I will say maybe Princeton or Hamilton. If not one of those maybe Lakota West though it’s a little smaller but has hosted D2 playoff games before.
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    Who wins Region 4?

    Fairfield drives to the 10. But a sack for a 9 yard loss pushed ball back to the 19 and on 4th down Ellis desperation pass under heavy pressure is intercepted. Fairfield used all 3 timeouts in the 3rd. Barring another Buffalo-Kent State implosion like last night where Buffalo blew a 27-6 lead...
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    Who wins Region 4?

    Brandon Sinclair pick 6 for Colerain. Cameron Ott extra point good 28-7 Colerain 16 seconds to go in 3rd. Colerain starting to dominate.
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    Who wins Region 4?

    Freddie Johnson on a TD run. Colerain now up 21-7 on Fairfield 53 seconds left in the 3rd qtr.
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    Region 28

    Marion Local 42 Mississinawa Valley 0 Halftime
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    Division 2 Region 8 playoff discussion

    I wouldn't be bragging to much about putting a running clock on Troy. Turpin who you trash on here and say plays noboby put up 55 points on Troy in the first half alone. Not that it matters anyway in R8. No one is likely getting past LaSalle. I do agree the Dayton area was not very good this...
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    GMC/ECC Football Pick'em Week 10

    GMC Mason(4-5) @ Princeton(6-3)by 7 Middletown(1-8) @ Lakota West(6-3) by 24 Hamilton(5-4)by 2 @ Lakota East(4-5) Colerain(8-1)by 2 @ Fairfield(9-0) Sycamore(4-5)by 17 @ Oak Hills ECC Milford(3-6) @ Turpin(9-0)by 30 Loveland(0-9) @ Anderson(6-3)by 30 Kings(6-3 @ West Clermont(4-5) by 3...
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    SWBL Pick’Em Week 10, Week 9 results.

    Milton Union Bellbrook Waynesville Franklin Valley View Eaton Shawnee Non SWBL DeSales London Coldwater Valley View 7 Milton Union 8 Waynesville 3 Franklin 3
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    GMC/ECC Football Pick'em Week 9

    GMC Lakota West(6-2)by 4 @ Princeton(5-3) Middletown(1-7) @ Mason(3-5)by 17 Sycamore(4-4) @ Hamilton(4-4)by 2 Oak Hills(0-8) @ Fairfield(8-0)by 38 Lakota East(4-4) @ Colerain(7-1) by 9 ECC West Clermont(3-5)by 6 @ Milford(3-5) Anderson(5-3)by 13 @ Walnut Hills(4-4) Loveland(0-8) @...
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    SWBL Pick'em Week 9, Week 8 results

    Milton-Union Bellbrook Valley View Franklin Waynesville Shawnee Madison Non SWBL Jon Alder Ottawa Glandorf Xenia Tie Breaker Ohio State 35 Wisconsin 24