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  1. J

    Cavs 2018-19

    What are Cavs moves now?
  2. J

    Should the Redskins pay Cousins?

    Should have the Redskins offered Cousins the highest salary ever for a QB? I am torn, on one hand, he is a good QB and good QBs are hard to find ... Who are they going to replace him with ... Colt McCoy ... Johnnie Manziel? On the other hand, I also have seen what happens when you give good...
  3. J

    NFL getting hard to watch!

    Every year it is getting harder and harder to watch an NFL game ... It just seems like the officials are deciding most of the games with their constant need to throw flags on very other play. So many ticky-tacky penalties. One play something is called, then next the exact same thing is not ... I...
  4. J

    A-Rod getting the shaft?

    Is Alex Rodriguez getting the shaft from MLB? Let's start with this ... A-Rod is a complete A-hole, a prima Donna, an idiot, and the biggest jerk to play MLB, but does that justify him getting over a 100 games more suspension than what the MLB drug policy calls for? If so, why? What exactly did...
  5. J

    What if there was a playoff this year?

    What 4 teams would you put in?
  6. J

    Kent State?

    Any news on potential head coaches?
  7. J

    Urban Meyer ... would he been as successful at ND.

    Fours years ago UM chose Florida over ND. He has gone on to win 2 national championships at Florida while ND has struggled. If he would have picked ND would the roles been reversed?