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    Issue at Perrysburg?
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    OHSAA Pay Per View

    In many a thread this postseason I saw claims that the OHSAA would choose a smaller venue so that they would get more revenue from people purchasing the streams of the games. Well....
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    Marion Franklin v. Walnut Ridge incident

    Game called in the third quarter after a fight that sent a ref to the hospital. Sure to see some headlines on this one.
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    Pickerington Booster Club Scandal

    Well this doesn’t look good
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    Dunbar game called after attack on ref
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    Hubbard disqualified, Poland back in
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    Judge rules in favor of OHSAA in soccer transfer case

    OHSAA doin alright in court these days
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    Ejections on the rise

    From the twitter of Jerry Snodgrass "There were a total of 1,245 ejections in ‘17-18 - a 5.5% increase over last year, and a 24% gain over the last 2 years. This is highest number of ejections on record since the 2003-04 school year, a 14 year high" That's a pretty large 2 year gain.
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    St John Jesuit dugout- no big deal, or legitimate issue?

    Same day as the Sante Fe High School shooting, Toledo SJJ dugout "takes aim" at their opponent, angering many spectators. Big deal? No big deal?
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    Dunbar emergency meeting

    Well this looks like the beginning of the end for those involved with the Dunbar basketball team.
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    Season Extended

    #OHSAA BOARD MEETING: By a 7-2 vote, the board has approved a proposal from the baseball coaches association to extend the season one week, beginning with the 2019 season. Details in press release this afternoon.
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    Princeton video