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    Euclid Panthers prospects for 2019

    In the old Forum, the last thread I saw / read before coming over to this new software was one on the Euclid Panthers prospects for the 2019 season. That thread must have been close to the last one posted over there, as it didn't seem to make it to this new forum. I no longer live in Euclid and...
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    McKinley to drop Football, focus on swimming

    Special to the AP wire, a copyrighted story of the Canton Repository (AP- Canton, Ohio) By Rod Porter Today, in Canton Ohio, longtime Ohio State High School Football Power Canton McKinley announced stunningly that they would drop their football program to focus on their moribund swimming...
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    Thoughts on the 101 point game

    Ya know.... re: the Massillon Tigers 101 point game. Saw a lot of stuff on different threads over the weekend that said the game never should have been scheduled. That seems like a CLASSIC second guess to me. Sun Valley has been in the Pennsylvania Playoffs at least 3 years running and came in...
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    Yappi Archive Forum

    I just finished flipping through all 9 pages of the archived thread forum and was struck by the fact that there are a LOT of threads in there that don't warrant being archived, including many that have no replies at all. I'd say at least 6-7 pages of the threads that were saved don't warrant...
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    New Jersey HS drops football

    Here is a link to an interesting news story that I thought some here on Yappi might like to discuss &/or comment on:
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    Dix Stadium - Kent State

    With all the controversy about the sites chosen this year for all the neutral site games re: location, parking, capacity and whatever else people haven't liked... I find myself wondering about Dix specifically & Ohio's college stadia in general. Why don't programs like Kent State go all out to...
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    Why doesnt every league hold a post season "championship" game?

    I saw this ^ posted in the final scores thread and it occurs to me that every league ought to play a "championship game". The Cleveland Senate does also and its regular season champion only appears in the game occasionally. Why not get a couple of your teams an extra game? In fact, why not just...
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    D1 -Region 1 after 9 weeks...

    D1 -Region 1 after 9 weeks... 4 teams are mathematically still alive without the coveted "Control Own Destiny" status on the Joe Eitel site. They are: # 7 Cleveland Heights who will face a 7-2 Lorain team next. # 9 Mentor which faces a 3-6 Elyria team. # 10...