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    Scheduling / Harbin

    The Harbin system used to use L3's, but a flaw within the system allows a team to gain more L3's by losing to a bad team in a league situation than what they could gain on L1. The example that forced the change was 9-0-0 Warren Western Reserve facing 0-9-0 NEOL league foe Lorain Southview in...
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    Scheduling / Harbin

    I don't think you are grasping the idea quite correctly. If you win you get L1 points for the win and L2 points for each game your beaten opponent wins. If you LOSE you have L1 points deducted for the loss and L2 points deducted for each game the team that defeated you LOSES. You cannot "lose...
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    Scheduling / Harbin

    I've posted the following or similar many times in the past over the years when this issue or similar comes up: The Harbin System only treats victories but doesn't acknowledge losses.. Lose to a 10-0 St Edward or to a 2-8 Lincoln-West and both losses are treated the same. A loss should be...
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    SL expansion

    Administrators want good competition where they have a good chance of success AND close proximity. All the constant shuffling of East Side leagues and conferences all the way down to the Akron-centric Suburban League over the last few decades has generally been based on one or both or those two...
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    Suburban League expansion

    I would wonder if the GCC could survive losing Solon, let alone losing Solon AND Medina both. I would think if either happened, Euclid (and possibly Elyria to rejoin Lorain) would "vote with their feet" for the LEL. In general I would think the LEL would take Euclid in, unless there is some sort...
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    Division II State Championship: Massillon Washington (14-0) vs. La Salle (12-2)

    All I want for Christmas is a Massillon Tigers victory over LaSalle in the State Final. I hope they finally get that first ever State Playoff Championship to go along with all their popular acclaim &/or wire service State Titles. Not to mention 13 or so Regional Titles since 1972. It's long...
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    Ohio HS QB wins Grey Cup

    Chuck Ealey of Portsmouth Notre Dame won a Grey Cup with Hamilton in 1972 as a rookie after starring for the Toledo Rockets in college. EDIT: I should have added that Ealey was a QB (at a time when black QB's were relatively rare) and that he was undefeated at Portsmouth AND at Toledo He...
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    Top 32 vs Current system. Inside the numbers

    The minute you go to a Top 32 Statewide system, people are IMMEDIATELY going to start complaining and moaning about the travel involved. I am (of course) a native Ohioan and I know how I regarded distance when I lived there, which was to say that it didn't take much to qualify as a "long trip"...
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    Football Playoff Format Changes Being Considered By OHSAA

    It's a very tough call but after careful analysis, I like Western Reserve in a close one... ;)
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    Region 1 2019

    Per Joe Eitel's site: Euclid 32 Shaker Heights 14
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    Undefeated Gibsonburg Could Miss OHSAA Football Playoffs...See Why

    That's what the Senate and City Series do. Other leagues could do that as well but for whatever reason don't. (Have a League "Championship" game between the 2 best teams that don't make the playoffs.)
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    Friday Finals (Week 10)

    Per Joe Eitel's site: Euclid 32 Shaker Heights 14
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    Undefeated Gibsonburg Could Miss OHSAA Football Playoffs...See Why

    Playing a conference title game between 2 Divisions of a League is still legal under OHSAA rules as far as I know (witness Cleveland Senate which doesn't even have divisions anymore and Akron City Series). Problem is, to do it, you have to forgo a playoff spot, which no one wants to do.
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    Friday Finals (Week 10)

    Thanx! Playoff status for South was why I wanted to know.... I strongly suspect that they'll get crushed by Massillon, but you never know for sure until they have played...
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    Friday Finals (Week 10)

    Anyone have the Euclid-Shaker and the Willoughby South - Riverside finals?
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    Undefeated Gibsonburg Could Miss OHSAA Football Playoffs...See Why

    My replies to post # 266. You have to expand the quote to full size to read them, should you care to.
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    Add Margin of Victory to Harbin Rankings?

    FWIW , Jack Harbin did not believe in using Margin of Victory in his ratings because it encouraged teams (read: "coaches") to run up the score. He didn't think that was a good thing. We aren't here to teach young boys bad sportsmanship and beating the opponent as bad as is possible does just...
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    Undefeated Gibsonburg Could Miss OHSAA Football Playoffs...See Why

    Regions are desired by OHSAA because they want everyone from around the State to have a shot at winning State Titles. Regions were thought necessary by Jack Harbin because he felt it was almost impossible to compare teams from SWO (for example) that all mostly play each other to teams from NEO...
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    Undefeated Gibsonburg Could Miss OHSAA Football Playoffs...See Why

    The first 2 or 3 seasons (counting the 1971 "test season") of the Harbin System had 3rd Level points. There are flaws in using them. A reporter for the Warren Tribune-Chronicle (I believe, might have been the Youngstown Vindicator) was running the points for Warren Western Reserve in 1972 or...
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    Undefeated Gibsonburg Could Miss OHSAA Football Playoffs...See Why

    Under my system, (see link above in an earlier post) what would hurt you BADLY is losing to a very poor team. The kind of team you should beat routinely, with Great ease, and should have no fear whatsoever of playing. If you can't beat the bad teams under my idea (reverse Harbin points deducted...