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    2020 Offseason

    Well with the CBA passed and free agency starting two of the biggest WTF moments have already happened: The tanking Jags gave Ereck Flowers $30M over 3 years and $19.95M guaranteed The Texans trade Deandre Hopkins and a 4th rounder to the Cardinals for David Johnson, a 2020 2nd rounder and a...
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    Weirdest things you've eaten

    Kind of a spinoff from Belly's ethnic food thread. I've had escargot and pigeon in France. Funny thing is the pigeon was at a Michelin starred restaurant, do not recommend it. Sea urchin in Greece. Puffin, fermented shark and lever paste in Iceland. Kangaroo in Covington, KY. I'm a big fan of...
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    Elder's INTERalliance finishes 5th in TechOlympics 2020

    With their anonymous counseling app *67. This is pretty awesome and helps those who are afraid of the stigma that follows asking for help. The instagram post shows from both the students side and counselors side, make sure to scroll through all three pictures.