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    MLB to suspend spring training
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    What happened when a Democrat attended a Trump rally

    Pretty interesting read.
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    "Dump Trump" protests Looks like crowds of dozens to thousands gathered. I don't think there were any protests in Fort Recovery Ohio. If there were, I...
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    The White House Christmas decorations!
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    Liberal heads explode and rules change can't stop Sean Spicer on DWTS
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    Medical Professionals protest Melania visit I don't know what to say.....
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    Next debate Oct. 15 in Westerville Oh. Just saw on twitter that Gabbard is thinking of boycotting the debate. I hope she shows up-You never know what she is...
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    Week 1:Lehman Catholic at Fort Recovery

    I see pretty much everybody is picking FR to win this. What does Lehman have? They had a pretty good QB last year didn't they? Are their numbers down again?
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    Stealing First Base

    This will be a new thing in some minor leagues this/next year. If not familiar-a batter can attempt to reach first base on a wild pitch or passed ball anytime during an at bat. I personally think it is a dumb thing to get started. I doubt if it impacts a game at the higher levels of play that...
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    Fort Recovery looking for boys basketball coach.

    Fort Recovery head boys basketball coach Mike Bashore resigned. Bashore spent 2 seasons as head coach. Bashore was 26 and 22 and 6 and 12 in Midwest Athletic Conference Play.
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    Midwest Athletic Conference outlook

    Fort Recovery: After having some success the last four years, this could be a long year for the Indians. Pitching wise, out of 21 wins last year, 20 of those wins graduated. 3 starters back. 1 senior. Good mix of juniors and sophomores make up the rest of the lineup and I'm sure we'll tinker...
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    Seth Lonsway

    Seth was ruled ineligible due to classes he took at Celina. anybody know what happened? If just a "coding" problem, that couldn't be rectified? Why did it take so long to find this out? I'm just wondering if it's more NCAA bullcrap.
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    Best pitching machine for high school level?

    Need it to throw 95mph. Fastball, curve slider. Indoor and outdoor use. Uses baseballs.
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    Versailles at Fort Recovery

    I don't know a lot about Versailles. The quarterback change at Fort Recovery provided a spark last week, I kind of assume Schmitz will start this week. What are V-towns weapons offensively?
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    Fort Recovery at Parkway

    Rockford always seems like a tough place to play for the Indians. Parkway seems improved. Hopefully this won't be their statement game. How have they been at stopping the run? That is FR's strength so that could dictate whether the Panthers have a chance or not.
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    The MAC-loooks to be a dogfight

    St. Johns is 2-0 with wins over Fort Recovery and Minster. Parkway is 2-0 with wins over Versailles and New Knoxville Coldwater is 2-0 with wins over Minster and New Knoxville. Fort Recovery is 1-1. Lost to DSJ in spite of pitching a no-hitter for 10 innings. They beat St. Henry. Versailles is...
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    Scrimmage Results (2017)

    Any scrimmages yet? We have one scheduled tomorrow with Indian Lake. The weather looks terrible and it is in danger of being cancelled if we get a lot of rain or it doesn't warm up.:wallbang: Anybody playing yet?
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    Lima Senior transfer allowed to play regular season
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    AP Poll for Jan 16
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    No substitutions-but he did use his timeouts!

    Fort Recovery played South Adams last night. Midway into the 3rd quarter it was a close game. Then the Fort went on a big run. Ended up winning 92-59. SA only used 7 players. Still had starters in till the end. Actually kind of felt sorry for them-they looked beat and uninterested. Why would a...