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    No High School Football 2020

    Gotta keep flattening the curve 👍🏻
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    This was the chart that was given at today’s press conference. If we keep on this track and it’s we keep social distancing until the end of May then I’d like to think we’d be ready to go for fall. Maybe we start late and play the state championships closer to the holidays or we only play 8 or 9...
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    It’s about making sure there’s enough room in hospitals to care for enough people. If there’s not enough room in hospitals and people can’t be admitted then death rate will begin to skyrocket.
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    2020 Open/Unknown by Week - Updated 3/26

    I can tell you that Benedictine isn’t the reason the teams aren’t playing.
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    2020 Division II Schedules

    Benedictine will probably D3 anyway so it’s most likely a moot point.
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    Teams of the decades

    Wow you sure told them
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    Benedictine 2020

    We wouldn’t want to scare any west side fans when they come to visit. 😉
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    Benedictine 2020

    Based on my experience at independence. 1) The stands would still be too small. If we’re D3 we should be one of the favorites to win it all. I would think that more fans would show up for a state title contender then in the recent years. Plus if we host a teams like Shaker I don’t think there...
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    Benedictine 2020

    I don’t want to sound rude because we’re all just throwing out ideas. But no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no.
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    Top Quarterbacks for 2020 Season?

    Kipp, Labas, Allar, and Bainbridge all have D1 offers so that’s 4
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    Workout location?

    I’m sorry that your business is probably being affected by this. But people really should be staying home.
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    Corona Virus

    Or is it another conservative conspiracy to draw attention away from the primary?
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    VASJ Part Ways with Babe Kwasniak

    I’m impressed that you were able to figure that one out I was certain he was on the committee. I mean, it said so right there in his post!
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    Dwyane Wade-you suck!

    “Welcome to Yappi Sports - a site dedicated to bringing you news, information, and forums for high school sports in Ohio.”
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    Benedictine 2020

    The schedule says home games are still at Case don’t you worry.
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    North Coast League Memorial Thread

    The order is Massillon Fitch Ed’s Hoban in weeks 4-7 but the point still stands. Benedictine has to beat TCC and win 2 of those games to make the playoffs I would think.
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    Harvest Prep over Worthington Christian on a three point foul

    Looks like pretty clear contact on the arm
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    VASJ Part Ways with Babe Kwasniak

    Come on don’t be that guy.
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    Euclid District 2020

    I’m sure those kids played well against Mentor but after seeing LC twice that’s opinion on them. Benedictine beat a top 5 team in PA in McDowell who has the 3rd best player in the state so they can play with good competition when they’re on.
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    Euclid District 2020

    Post #129 I said I think Mentor wins the district and I’m not trying to take away from anything they’ve achieved this year. All I’m saying is that there are a few games that might show that Mentor might occasionally be inconsistent. And those inconsistencies could possibly make this district a...