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    D1 Cincinnati Regional Championship: Moeller vs Mason

    It's finally here: #5 Moeller vs #7 Mason. They were scheduled to play March 24th but it didn't happen due to weather. Two excellent teams squaring off. I'm deducing that two really good lefties will be taking the mound this afternoon. That's as far as I'll go with predictions: Ohio's #1...
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    Cincinnati-area tournament seedings and match-ups posted

    The brackets:
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    Video: Kings steals home to beat Mason 12-11

    Exciting play: 990398792397676544 I don’t know the rule, but I don’t think the batter needs to move, right? Anyway, looks like it was a great game. But safe or out? :D
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    Grass base paths down first and third?

    The season starts this week but the baseball chatter is pretty slow! So with that... I'm noticing more fields are going to grass base paths down the first and third base lines. Is it simply because it's easier to maintain or is something else at play?
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    2013 Mason Comet Football

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    Centerville - 10 shutouts

    What is up with the Elks? They're shutting out the other team almost every other game. They're outscoring their opponents 203-38 thus far and they just swept 17-6 Northmont 1-0 and 2-1. Only one loss with an 18-game winning streak. How good are the mighty Elks...
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    Cincinnati Enquirer D1 Coaches' Poll

    I haven't seen a thread on this so here it is... OH Baseball, Division I: Week 3 1. Elder ( 11 ) 188 2. Mason ( 9 ) 185 3. Moeller ( 1 ) 175 4. St. Xavier 89 5. Anderson 81 6. Lakota West 72 7. Fairfield 70 8. Milford 63 9. Loveland 62 10. Oak Hills 49 Others: Lakota East 42, LaSalle...
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    2011 Comet Football

    :hello: Look about right? All the talk so far has been about past players but what's going on with this year's team? Pulse Journal preview...
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    Congratulations to Coach Castner on win #1

    I'm sure it feels good. :welcome: -5 yards rushing for Gahanna. :clap: There's no substitute for winning to build a team's confidence. Great way to enter league play. Looking forward to many more. :thumb:
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    Centerville 30, Mason 7

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    Brian Kelly responds to critics after 1st BCS standings released Kelly voted...
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    ESPN Heisman Watch: Pike #4
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    College football power rankings

    CNN / Sports Illustrated
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    AP writer's strange poll actually quite logical (writer from Cleveland Plain Dealer)

    He simply takes the name off of the jersey to be as unbiased as he can. Every week he creates a new poll...he doesn't look to see where he had them the week before and doesn't care what a team's preseason ranking was. He goes by what has happened on the field and not by a prediction of where...
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    Fresno on the comeback trail

    Great game! (Couldn't make it out to Oak Hills tonight). At one point it looked like Boise was going to blow Fresno out (24-3) but now it's 24-17 and Boise just went 3 and out! The place is going crazy.
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    #21 Georgia v South Carolina barn buner

    41-37 GA with 4:49 left (ESPN 2).
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    UC and Florida swapping plays

    Good article...Dan Hoard is almost as interesting to read as he is to listen to. The article is actually about how the Nation's top prep QB's should be looking at UC.
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    Tony Pike and National recognition

    Here it comes:
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    Centerville @ Mason

    Absolutely nothing easy about this one. Centerville is a better team than Trotwood; that's not even a question in my mind. But it's a completely different match-up: Trotwood's O can spread you out making a defense respect both run and pass. Centerville's O doesn't open much with it's...
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    Angela Bizzarri wins NCAA title