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    2020 State Tournament

    I saw that the 2020 State Tournament division breakdown by enrollment is now posted. I was trying to find a list of which schools are in which divisions with the competitive balance figures, but the attached link directs me to the 2019 list. Is the 2020 breakdown somewhere? And if so, could...
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    Best Cincinnati D1 Sectional To Go See?

    Which is the best game to go see Thursday? Also, do you know who is pitching? Cincinnati 1: 4 Elder vs. 11 West Clermont Cincinnati 2: 2 Moeller vs. 13 Kings Cincinnati 3: 3 Lakota East vs. 8 Loveland Cincinnati 4: 5 Badin vs. 6 St. Xavier Cincinnati 5: 1 Mason vs. 14 Oak Hills
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    GCL Co-Ed

    With the league schedule starting today, let's get some predictions on the order of finish (all eight teams on one list). Teams are: Alter, Badin, Carroll, Chaminade-Julienne, Fenwick, McNicholas, Purcell-Marian, Roger Bacon.
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    GCL Co-Ed in Tournament

    What are your thoughts on each of the remaining teams and who has the best chance to advance the furthest? D2: Fenwick, McNicholas D3: Chaminade-Julienne, Roger Bacon
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    LaSalle vs. Elder

    Thoughts on the upcoming Sectional Final? It should be a good one!
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    Roger Bacon

    How about the Spartans? They've rattled of four straight league wins including impressive wins over McNicholas, Badin, and a 17-1 thumping of Carroll. They're building some nice momentum heading toward the tourney, and have been a much improved team overall this season. Congrats to the players...
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    Gcl 2014

    Predictions for the GCL in 2014? Looking for people's thoughts as far as order of finish for the 4 teams in the south and the 8 in the Co-Ed.
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    Gcl 2013

    Who's looking good in the GCL this year and who's going to win each division? North: Alter, Carroll, CJ, Fenwick Central: Badin, McNicholas, Purcell-Marian, Roger Bacon South: Elder, LaSalle, Moeller, St. X
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    GCL Title Races

    As we enter the last couple weeks of the regular season, the GCL races look pretty competitive. Just one question: does anybody know for sure if games outside the division count in standings or not? On the website it looks like some of those games are being listed as league games and others are...
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    Who wins the GCL divisions this year? And rank the teams regardless of division. Note that the below is a listing of the team's rather than a ranking of them. North teams: Alter, Carroll, Chaminade-Julienne, Fenwick Central teams: Badin, McNicholas, Purcell-Marian, Roger Bacon South teams...
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    Gcl 2012

    What thoughts do people have regarding the GCL this year (predicted finish in each division, surprise teams, top players, etc.)?